Hello there.


I've had a camera as my constant companion since 2007, progressing from a 2 megapixel Kodak to my current love: a Canon EOS 80D.


These days, most of my photos are taken with that Canon and a 35mm prime lens. When I shoot mobile, it is with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Android phone.


My home base on the interwebs is a nifty little spot that I like to call Polka Dot Cottage, but you can also find me many other places. I post my Project 365 images here on Flickr, and random slice-of-life, crafty stuff on Instagram.


Thank you for following me, favoriting, and commenting on my images!


One last note: many years ago, I did a 365 project, the theme of which I regretted almost immediately. If you are following me simply because of the "feet pictures" you will be blocked. Additionally, if anything about your photostream or your favorites stream makes me feel that your intentions are less than pure, you will be blocked.

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Great site!Tutorials & merchandise are good. NJPCG is lucky to have Lisa as a member!

December 13, 2007