Camera : Nikon D100,D300
Lens : TAMRON SP AF90mmF/2.8Di MACRO
RAW converter software : SILKYPIX Developer Studio
Photo-editing software : Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0

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    reflectorun says:

    "Tu fotografia es bella, gratificante , genera paz, tiene estilo y gusto por lo sencillo, se me hace necesario revisarlas a menudo
    Besoooosss por tu hermoso trabajo"

    May 29th, 2010

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    elle_belle10 says:

    "I 've found the real BEAUTY here!
    What a delight is to see all these gorgeous,delicate and fantastic photos! Every single image is unique!
    You are a very talented artist.
    Thank you for sharing with us,Poesie!"

    September 14th, 2008

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    G Dan Mitchell says:

    "poesie's photographs of flowers and sometimes other subjects are consistently beautiful and imaginative."

    September 4th, 2008

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    FotosOArte says:

    "He visto miles de fotos en flickr, muchas muy buenas e interesantes, pero ningunas me han resultado tan gratificantes como las de poesie. Sus imágenes son sorprendentemente suaves, con unos colores maravillosos, un encuadre que te invita a pensar y una luz y enfoque únicos.
    Es una auténtica poeta de la luz."

    June 15th, 2008

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    Living in Monrovia says:

    "One glance at Poesie's photoes and you enter a magical world of floral wonders. Oh, to be a bee for just one day!"

    June 14th, 2008

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    [Jongky] says:

    "I have only one word left in my mouth....
    I'm speechless
    It is so good
    Great shot"

    April 13th, 2008

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    ianmiller says:

    "Poesie has an amazing eye for the world around her. It is always a treat to see her flickr page.
    Great photos!"

    April 2nd, 2008

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    Ken Schwarz says:

    "Astonishing, original compositions...one after the next. Each one is different, yet they harmonize with a shared, signature style. Poesie's work is a true source of inspiration for me to go out and create something new."

    July 21st, 2007

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    Linda Gail. says:

    "what can I say that has not already been said other than her art and photography is beautiful to me.......she sees what a true photographer sees...............has the gift and I do learn from her talent.........Gail"

    June 18th, 2007

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    Kitanjali says:

    "Her photos were EXCELLENT!!!
    Really love them."

    May 27th, 2007

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    khasan says:

    "Just love the world she manages to capture behing her camera.
    Keep up the good work Poesie"

    May 27th, 2007

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    Javier Volcan says:

    "Verdaderamente impresionante. Logra una armonía absoluta con las fotografías de las flores. Da la impresión que logra que la naturaleza posa para cada foto. Sutil, delicado, todo con un toque de sueño y magia increíble."

    May 22nd, 2007

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    akaporn says:

    "What can I say? I'm out of words. It' the way flowers suppose to be. beautiful, simple, and elegance."

    February 25th, 2007

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    barbievoltios says:

    "Your photos are fabulous. And you are very generous sharing them with us.
    Thanks! ^_^"

    February 13th, 2007

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    !fatima says:

    "One look at your photostream and am your fan. Wow."

    February 8th, 2007

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    softmelody says:

    "Her photos are unbelieveable. You will be left speechless!!"

    July 23rd, 2006

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    yendoandando says:

    "Lamento no conocer un idioma comun para decirte que excepcional fotografa me pareces. Original, delicada, emocionante. Llevo horas paseando por tus jardines. Solo por eso merece la pena haber entrado aquí.
    Gracias por tus fotos."

    December 2nd, 2005

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    neko-zou says:

    "mew~ !!"

    November 7th, 2005

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    ~My aim is true~ says:

    "What everyone else said.

    Poe Sie's photos are utterly remarkable and unlike anything I've ever seen. They have a fantastic dreamlike quality to them that is original and beautiful. Visit this site often!!"

    October 30th, 2005

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    dronepop says:

    "I hate to say it, but flower photos are painfully dull. Everyone who ever picks up a camera very soon aims their lens at this most prevalent overdone subject, perhaps because they are colorful, willing, and ubiquitous. Millions of people take pictures of flowers, and they are all pretty much boring.

    Poesie has blown my misconceptions out of the water. She takes things of small beauty and turns them into things of WONDROUS beauty. I honestly have never seen such amazing and intriguing flower shots. Poesie's work is not only pretty, but also technically masterful, and always diverse and inspiring. The only thing better than seeing her photos here would be to see them printed and on the wall, where I'm sure they would shine."

    September 17th, 2005

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    mimbrava says:

    "With her amazingly beautiful, unique, poetic, inspirational images of flowers, Poesie is creating a new art form. I hope many more people than I will eagerly await each new photo she posts, and be awed."

    August 29th, 2005

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    lakerae says:

    "Her flowers can actually make you faint with their beauty, she possesses magical powers, I suspect she's an elf, or a fairy."

    August 18th, 2005

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    nuclear_sky says:

    "I have never seen a gallery with such beautiful shots of flowers. Poesie's photography is so delicate, breathtaking and unique that you would have loads of trouble keeping yourself away from wanting to add all of it to your favourites! Sheer visual poetry. Fantastic work!"

    August 3rd, 2005

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    samuelyung says:

    "You're the best macro artist I've ever seen. From the amazing bokeh to the wonderful high key abstract shot, your photos simply teach me again and again how beautiful a macro photo can be.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity to us!"

    July 31st, 2005

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    anamask says:

    I love
    very very mutXXXXXX
    all your work !!!!! * * * * *
    when a scientist wants to know

    the sweet soul of the flowers * * * * *

    ... .... ....

    the visit to your paradise garden !!!!!

    is a must !


    July 25th, 2005

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    viekasjapitkahantainen says:

    "So many ways to be a human being. So many ways to feel and express beauty...from flames of passion to the cirrus of higher knowledge.

    Thus far, I have never encountered anybody so subtle, so gentle, who with the palette of watercolors could make such strong statements that touch and move.

    There is so much shouting nowadays, explosions of blood and violence that Poesie's pictures make you watch and listen closely, as if silence were speaking.

    I am grateful of having got to know her, if only through her art.

    So many ways of being a human being, so many ways of enriching the lives of those near you...

    Thank you, Poesie, of your poetry of silence."

    July 10th, 2005

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:

    "I have not met Poesie in person nor chat with her online.

    The 1st time I reviews through her works. I am totally impress with her abstract arts & creativity.

    I encourage you to stop by from time to time enjoy her arts masterpiece!!"

    June 24th, 2005

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