Pictures! I love photography, and while I'm quite the novice myself, I enjoy sharing my snaps and checking out those from other people.

My shooting these days still leans heavily in the film direction and that's largely because a) I adore medium format and b) I love developing my own film. I shoot that medium format on a Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID. When I shoot 35mm I pretty much stick to my old Leica M3 from the 1950s.

When I just have to have my photos right away I whip out the Nikon D800.

Lately I'm in love with shooting 4x5 on my 1957 Speed Graphic press camera when I have the time and a patient subject.

OH YEAH, one last thing...I don't like obnoxious photos/graphics in my comments, so if I see any, I'll delete the comment - sorry! The only images I'm okay with in comments on my photos are other photographs (as long as they're relevant).

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Daniel Warshaw
July 2005
Jersey, baby.
Richmond, VA, United States
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