Born and raised in Cody Wyoming and still there after 60 years. I really can't explain that . But ever since age 14 my life has been defined by photography . Even when employment and circumstance took me elsewise , a camera was almost always handy. If you ask me how many photos I have taken across five decades, I'd wildly guess it's north of 250,000 shutter trips. In defense I claim that living in northwest Wyoming , the Absaroka Mountains on the front porch of Yellowstone Park, it's difficult to not take photos ! My home range is some of the loveliest, wildest , most expressive terrain on Earth. Yet I've always traveled ... 100,000 miles of hitchhiking the USA and Canada in my youth , several years' trekking Mexico and Central America amid stone temples and indigenous peoples, and a few forays to far flung places: Morocco, Europe, and one especially long journey thru Southeast Asia and Indonesia. All of which makes for quite the photo archive, which hopefully Flickr will serve as a window. Enjoy!

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Dewey Vanderhoff
February 2011
Cody Wyoming
Cody Wyoming, USA
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