A few years ago, I ran across a news story about interesting, "artistic" pictures found in shoeboxes, in those collections of family photos that tend to go unnoticed for decades. The collector lamented the demise of film, and wondered how history would deal with digital. I wonder now if he had ever considered Flickr and sites like it, which have effectively created a shoebox of enormous proportions. Photographs are everywhere, available to anyone with an Internet connection and the patience to click through millions. The shoebox has been modernized, expanded, and universalized.

The photos you'll find in my PhotoStream are deeply personal images, my shoebox, the photographic evidence I have of my life since about 1985. They are about places I've been and people I know. I've scanned every negative I could find, from perhaps as many as 100 rolls of film I had scattered about, along with another 4,000 images from my parents' collection, some dating to the 1930s.

While I've also tried to learn a few lessons about photographs as "photographic," I'm not certain at all that I succeeded there. Still, it would please me to no end to have a few that resonate with others.

I've arranged them mostly in albums grouped around events (trips, parties, etc.), roughly ordered by descending date.

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