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Ron Mader


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  • JoinedFebruary 2005
  • OccupationJournalist, Photographer, Speaker
  • HometownFort Wayne, Indiana
  • Current cityHenderson, Nevada
  • CountryUSA
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Its exiting to discover our "planeta" the different ways to learn and teach to take care and preserve our only home... Being aware of our traditions and natural resourses... Gracias por aprender y por enseñar que todos somos parte de la solución y de un planeta mejor.

March 14, 2011

PLANETA has done some amazing organizing in oaxaca. The market project is opening doors of information for so many people!

August 17, 2009 Un lugar donde hay espacio para todos, un sitio que busca la mejor promoción de lo que ofrecemos

July 3, 2009