I joined Flickr on the 3rd of June, 2010.

I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. in a neighborhood called Cleveland Park. Now I live in Dayton, Oregon and work in a small rural library in Amity. Previously I worked in restaurants for about 30 yrs (NYC, Cambridge, Mass and Oregon) and a small plant nursery (Oregon) for about 10 yrs.

I enjoy making digital collages using photographs and textures that are made available for use here on Flickr. Thank you to everyone for sharing your work and allowing me (and others) to do this; you are all wonderful resources!

I also collect vintage magazines, photographs, postcards, books, and ephemera; the work of Coles Phillips is my main interest. Most of my collection of Phillips' work is only available to my Flickr friends.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

A list of vintage photo sizes provided by josefnovak33:

Source: General-Katalog von Bernhard Wachtl, Wien 1903. www.scheufler.cz/data/File/z_knihy_10.doc

Professional formats:
Name of the card and size in millimeters

Mignon 45 x 67
Colibri 40 x 80
Princesse 50 x 90
Visit 65 x 105
Elisabeth 82,5 x 125
Gross-Elisabeth 10 x 13
Englisch 72,5 x 15
Malvern 82,5 x 165
Cabinet 108 x 165
Stereoscope 82,5 x 177,5
Promenade 97,7 x 205
Gross-Promenade 110 x 205
Boudoir 132,5x 215
Elsa 165 x 250
Salon 175 x 250
Valerie 210 x 280
Imperial 190 x 330
Isabella 250 x 330
Stefanie 290 x 420
Eugenie 330 x 500
Alexander 380 x 500
Humbert 480 x 620

Amateur formats
Name of the card and size in millimeters:

Adele 60 x 90
Melanie 90 x 120
Ferdinand 120 x 165
Helene 130 x 180
Rudolf 140 x 190
Franz 180 x 240

Square formats:
Name of the card and size in millimeters

Paris 45 x 45
Madrid 65 x 65
London 105 x 105
Hungaria 132 x 132

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    finsbry says:

    "Nancy is that rare kind of individual--giving, funny, honest, and a fantastic flickrite who shares with us her marvelous collection of rare magazine, children's books, etc., practically daily! Her massive collection of Coles Phillips is a treat beyond imagination. I am so grateful to have met her here, and consider her a very valuable friend."

    January 11th, 2012

June 2010
Washington, D.C.
Oregon, United States
I am:
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