Welcome to the photo gallery for Pixel Hill, one of Secondlife's premier live music and entertainment venues. At Pixel Hill we have 3 stages (The Jester Inn, The WaterStage & The Gallery) where we host SL's best live musicians, with a focus on original music and giving a platform to new musicians making their way on the SL live music scene.

Here we not only have the best music, but also the best audience, they are the life and soul of the place and the photos on this page are for them as a reminder of the great music they all support and the hours of fun and laughter we all have, also as a thank you for supporting us, the musicians who perform at Pixel Hill and allowing us to keep on doing what we do, bringing to Pixel Hill the best talent old and new that we can find!!!

Almost every photo you will see here is taken by Pixel Hill's own paparazzi Natasja Koenkamp who is a very hardworking member of the team so blame her for any of the dodgy photos ;) Some photos are taken by audience members, i have tired to keep track of your names but if i havent got it right please let me know and i will make the changes. It might seem like the same musicians always play at Pixel Hill and this is partly true as there are some that play a regular show, but lots of other musicians play too and also we only get photo's when Natasja or someone else takes them for us.

Enjoy the photos, pass the url on and we will see you all very soon for some more great live music at Pixel Hill :))

Harrie, Didier & the pixel hill team

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June 2008
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