I am a passionate self-taught photographer.

I am inspired by a lot of different subjects. My photostream is sometimes very inconsistent because I still have too many things to experiment and I am way too curious to stop to one single way to see the world.

However, I have developed an interest for using monochromatic or desaturated colors...I come back to color once in a while.

I also do a lot of self portraits because I am the most available model I can find.

I have a new and strong interest for street photography. I love unstaged situations...the fact that I have to find the right timing to shoot and the unpredictability of what will appear brings me in a special state that I crave for.

I don't follow usual rules. I don't care about the equipment being used. And besides the understanding of exposure, the technical aspects for me don't count much.

I prefer now to let the viewer make their own stories about my photographs so I don't add any title.

A lot of photographers in Flickr are, for me, a great source of inspiration. I spend a lot of time looking at photostreams, photographer's websites and books.

It is sometimes difficult for me to express subtle impressions or ideas in English so I hope you will be patient.

Thank you for your visit, it is greatly appreciated!

All my pictures are copyrighted. Please do not use, copy or edit any of my materials without my written permission. If you want to use any image, please contact me first.

« Les photographies que nous aimons ont été faites quand le photographe a su s'effacer. S'il y avait un mode d'emploi, ce serait certainement celui-là. »
Edouard Boubat

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••• I am trying, as possible, to regularly comment the posts of my contacts, so I keep my number of contacts reasonable. I might not add you back right away if you add me to your list.•••

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    fionaLL* says:

    "Olga for me is a true artist, her work is simply stunning, each shot a well thought out masterpiece. Olga is a true inspitation for me, her work is filled with true passion and taken from the soul. I love her work and i'm so pleased i found her here."

    June 17th, 2014

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    Maky de Chaintre says:

    "Le noir et blanc est pour moi la meilleure expression qui soit en photographie. Olga y excelle et y ajoute la sensibilité féminine que nous les hommes ne pouvons transcrire...
    Beaucoup de ses clichés sont autant parlants que visuels, c'est bien là le secret de l'artiste qui nous permet de développer une histoire ou un fantasme... qui sait ?....;-)

    March 2nd, 2013

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    mosbies says:

    "As you watch her photostream, you can realize her rich talent for the photography - especially in her portraits.
    Her works always surprise me a lot, as you know."

    April 28th, 2012

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    marlango1971 says:

    "Je pense que "pix-Olga" a un grand talent pour la photographie, il est vraiment une de ces surprise Flickr pour moi plus ces derniers temps!
    Elle est très créative et chaque jour me surprend avec ses images ,....... Félicitations Olga et continue ainsi!"

    September 25th, 2011

Olga Tremblay
May 2010
Montréal, Canada
olga_tremblay [at] yahoo.ca