Of an age that appreciates Photography and FlickR.

I am a Crusty Old Sea Dog that happens to have a Camera.
I am blessed to be able to spend my life on the water , My true home. I like sharing that with anyone that may want to see it.

As anyone can tell,My photography is all self taught and I believe I have developed a style that some folks seem to understand and enjoy.

You kinda take what you can get and then try to make it interesting.

I learn from others by seeing and reading their comments.

I am really not interested in (Electronic Awards ) but a Complete critic is exciting.

I try and remember to finish all my comments with 'Thanks,'
I do this because I am well aware there are more important things to do rather than sharing your photos..
Yet we still do it .....
..............................and for that sharing,,I say,

Trader Doc - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver


Something Fun I Tried...LOL

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Kathryn G. Gosser Hogan- - - Mom

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  • good forex Ropot message me v7anxx@gmail.com by forextrader2
  • Three Salty Dogs by Saildog Photography
  • Flickr of Hope.. by Chloe_Tawing

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    cminer52 says:

    "I don't write very many testimonials, though I have admired so many artists on Flickr, but Doc's images are always such an inspiration that I felt this was well over-due, His outlook on life and how He captures it is a joy to follow, always a positive note, thanks Doc for sharing your life and views, and for being a freind!"

    June 2nd, 2009

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    §§Shadowgirl The Vampire Queen Hedgehog §§ says:

    "he's amazing a caputreing good pictures"

    April 2nd, 2009

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    John~.......nacho!~ says:

    "Doc is an amazing influence that will send you soaring in the world of photography, humor, and heartsongs."

    March 27th, 2009

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    Chloe_Tawing says:

    "Doc, i believe everything that has been said here.. you are a true friend! God with you always! thanks for flooding my stream with your nice comments! ;-) i appreciate everything."

    March 25th, 2009

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    soapmaker892---on a sabbatical for a while. says:

    "I haven't "known" Doc that long, but in the short time I have I feel that I have known him all my life. He is that kiind of individual. I have found him to be warm, supportive, encouraging, witty, funny, and when you need it....he'll give you a good swift kick in the a**. But, this is a photography site so a little about talent. Doc is very humble and quick to point out that he doen't know a lot about photography but looking at his photo stream belies that kind of talk. His pictures are not only beautiful, but they tell a story, when he gives you a glimpse of his world it is with real insight that Doc captures the scene. Along with the ole Pirate he makes not just a wonderful photographer, but even more I am happy that I found him on flickr and consider him a friend. Thanks for your work Doc.

    February 7th, 2009

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    Angie Polston says:

    "Doc is one of the first people I added as a contact after joining Flickr. I asked for honest opinions of my photos and he was the first to do that. It was done with honesty and kindness. I took his advice and have learned a lot in the process. He has an eye for beauty and a great sense of humor. I look forward to his daily posts because they make me smile. I hope he continues to count me as a friend and student because I still have a lot to learn :)
    Thanks Doc :)"

    January 15th, 2009

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    -photo.north- says:

    "What to write about Doc and the Pirate...

    ...It's not a difficult job, Doc has such a nice vision and honest feel about photography, It's a pleasure to have Doc and the Pirate as my "flickr"friends, and I hope to enjoy and experience many more of those lovely real life, gorgeous, colourful, shots! Nice work, well done Doc!


    January 1st, 2009

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    **Kel-Z** says:

    "Trader Doc's photos inspire me to keep shooting each day! The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking! His fun personality shows through in his photos and comments. Great Flickr Friend too! Thanks :)"

    November 23rd, 2008

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    tropicaLiving - Jessy Eykendorp says:

    "Doc is a wonderful person, he unselfishly takes his precious time to give comments and give all support on my photos. He also a great photographer..Doc's sky and sunset/sunrise collection is unbeatable..keep it up my friend~! Hugs~!"

    November 21st, 2008

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    floridagull says:

    "Trader Doc is one of the
    best friends you could have on Flickr.
    He is kind and generous. He will
    make you laugh out loud.
    He will make you stop and think about life.
    You will love being among those who see
    his good morning and good night photos
    faithfully posted every day. In a world of un-grace,
    Doc is a man of grace. He is a gentle soul
    and I am blessed to call him my friend!"

    October 2nd, 2008

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    Raising Cane says:

    "Doc, You are such a wonderful friend! You are always there for me! Your images and kind advise are so beautiful! I always look forward to your comments and uplifting words:o) Thank you!!"

    September 28th, 2008

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    TracyJones says:

    "Trader Doc's pictures are so awe-inspiring, and still so relaxing. He has an eye for the beautiful and we're fortunate that he chooses to share that with us. I always look forward to his pictures. :)"

    June 20th, 2008

Trader Doc Hogan
February 2008
I am:
Male and Taken
USN / FMF/ retired