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  • metalJacket_1n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 16997665_1273744136040342_3738418777411390164_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • orso-imprigionato by emanuelesperanza1
  • 1526935_496182957186489_2477571919872834964_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 10941509_518539171617534_7549875778130676845_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 10408757_519070591564392_2306881331875656831_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 17022365_609191839283312_5625951023261009646_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 1511042_499358476868937_2139826775362424558_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 10356158_518539351617516_6638899783011200050_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 10356158_518539351617516_6638899783011200050_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 15356738_1308568659183065_2080615116667530528_n by emanuelesperanza1
  • 16467_518539108284207_7120361390828167253_n by emanuelesperanza1

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    Douée ♥ says:

    "Pink FingerPrint
    I Don't know what I say

    She's fun and adventurer persona XD

    She's so sweet, beautiful, creative
    and I love the way she captures everything !

    she so identifiable

    I love her photostream so so much

    "في منتهى الرقه"


    good luck with everything

    Douée ."

    September 20th, 2008

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    Nouf` says:

    "hi sis ,,

    your photostream is one of my fav =* ..

    you are perfect in photography ,, =*

    & you have special style ;)

    good luck sis ,, =*

    with love;
    Princess Malak Alroo7"

    July 12th, 2008

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    Rosa AlMehairbi says:

    "i dont knw ur personality
    Your pics says that ur Creative person
    i Like your edit + pics
    ❤ Rose .."

    June 25th, 2008

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    Naughty AηGέL[Original] says:

    " Pink Finger Print

    What a cute name to think of i really like it

    First of all she is like a sister to me i knew her loooong time ago

    maybe 7 or six years

    i really love her amaizing pics .. & her edit ma 3aleeh kalam


    U have to know her

    "she is one of the kind"

    God bless you

    your sister

    Naughty Angel"

    June 21st, 2008

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    Miss Cheeky ™ -->> Away/Final says:

    "pink fingerprint ..
    awal shay .. i love ur nick name :P lol
    amm ..
    lte me see what can i right about this lady ,,
    wala she is 1 of my fav here in flickr
    i love her shots alote
    and love her ideas alote
    she deserves a Testimonial
    o sorry 3ala el bad Testimonial
    she deserves more than that ,,
    keep the gd work
    and wish u all the best =)
    from : ur sis.. miss cheeky

    May 6th, 2008

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    .. ♥ Š Ã Ł M Ά Ň ♥ ..<AlHail> says:

    "Pink FingerPrint

    هالبنت كيوت وحبوبة

    وماشاء الله فناانه في التصوير
    ومبدعه في الأدت وتعرف تختار الكلمات

    يعني ماشاء الله عليها 10/10

    وفلكرها واايد مميز

    always keep like that (Y) !

    {وهذا يعتبر شوي بحقها}"

    April 15th, 2008

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    [ M o o n y ‹3 ] says:

    "Pink FingerPrint

    I Dont Know Her Personally
    But Her Photostream Can Say Alot ..

    She Seems Soo Cute oO 7abooba ..
    She Always Surprise us by her creative idea's ..
    Mashallah 3aleeha She Has The Talent ..

    Allah YwaFGiCh Inshallah .. ^^

    Your Sis
    вйǿǿтα 4ένέя --» [ Q6я ]"

    March 28th, 2008

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    ©Flower Bomb says:

    "Pink FingerPrint"
    what can i say about her,,
    OkaY GuYs..if you don't know Pinko0o you don't
    know anyone ;Pp! I mean she's Incredible.
    she has a wonderful photostream,
    and a nice personality.
    her pictures are soo marvilous,,
    and her shots are Incredible..
    i love her pictures they are really
    creative and well edited..
    all of the photos have the Best and Cool effects,,
    she's talented, she's sweet, she's helpful, she's kind!! she's wonderful..
    she's great and i love her soo much
    well I think thats all,i'll stop now.. =)
    =* luv ya! sorry adree en shway fee 7a8ech,,;D you deserve more than that..
    wish you all the best,


    March 24th, 2008

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    Miss Lover : bye bye flickr :( says:

    "Hi "Pink FingerPrint " ...
    How are you ? :P
    Actually your photos are amazing "
    i love your photographer and the editing is gorgeous :)..
    Wish to you all the best pinky
    Miss lover ""

    March 1st, 2008

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    UnDepict says:

    "dear, Pink FingerPrint
    i don't really know you but,
    you r one of my favorite photographers here, i call u a true artist
    u have a very wonderful photostream, your work are wonderful too,
    your pictures r awesome to look at, each picture holds meaning and emotion

    ppl; I hope you will enjoy her photostream as I do

    ahal QTR 3la rasna klhm =)

    loves, undepict

    February 1st, 2008

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    Mademoiselle Alya says:

    "Hello Pink FingerPrint =D
    I Really like ur fotoz so much Bcz they r Amazing ...
    & also i like ur shot ... GO ahead
    waiting 4 new fotoz...=D
    Um_kesha =P"

    January 22nd, 2008

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    Famę says:

    ""Pink FingerPrint ♣
    i think your pix are soo amazing
    and more than raw3aa..;)
    i also think that you're very professional & talented..
    it looks like your very kind and sweet.. =)

    wish you a happy life..
    your sis,l o v e"

    December 7th, 2007

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    3bdlr7mannn says:

    "This is the first time i check her gallery and well, I had to wright her a testimonial ! Cuz MashAllah her work is Astonoshing!

    Will sure keep an eye on her gallery ;P"

    November 28th, 2007

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    єїэ7elm elKara єїэ says:

    "Pink FingerPrint ♣
    i think that she is very talented ..her pictures are outstanding,
    i totally love her account =) !

    best wishes for you sista & keep improving ! (y)"

    November 20th, 2007

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