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Since 1997 or so, I have a routine of uploading pictures to online storage. Firstly, I used webshots in 1997. There, I stored numerous old pictures of mine, including the one when I was still 2 years old. However, due to inactivity, webshots have deactivated my account just for a short period of time. Weird isn't it?

Then, I moved to Yahoo Photos in the middle of 1999. Internet was quite an expensive entity at that time. However, due to Yahoo Photos being part of Yahoo services; including Yahoo email, I can manage to maintain everything there. Logged in, means, I'm active. At that time, Yahoo Photos was not that intuitive and user-friendly. But where can I find better services? :P

I've been loyal to Yahoo Photos since then, and I kept myself updated with the latest pictures. However in 2006, it was announced that Yahoo Photos is closing down. They gave me a chance to migrate to any services I want. Among the services they offered are Picassa, Flickr, Kodak Online and 2 more that I can't remember. Of course, I stay loyal with Yahoo because of its stability and durability. For the first 3 months, I enjoyed the free Pro service and liking it. Then I chose to subscribe for a Pro service til now.

From there, I never looked back. Flickr will be the utmost and premier choice for me to upload any latest pictures of mine. However, I hate to see Flickr being able to upload videos. Just give that to Youtube please. I can't find any importance or relevance of uploading limited 90-secs videos to Flickr.

So here I am, still uploading my latest pictures to Flickr. Hope you liked it. Some of them are geotagged, tagged while most of them are placed in a very organised system of collections and sets. I have undergone course on ISO so these things are normal to me. Hehe. However, if you'd like to print or use them, please and please, ask permissions from me first. I don't forbid you from using them, but keep me informed. Of course, if the pictures are for advertisements or any other profit-oriented businesses, there should be some fair deal to be made, coz I didn't buy my camera with nostrils or go to the places I've been with sponsorships.

By the way, my flickr page can also be accessed by typing "photos.adzizi.com" at your browser address bar. No need to memorize that long and boring flickr address has given me.

Enjoy your day!

Anwarul Adzizi Adeni

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