I have been interested about photography since 2007. I started first just with my Nokia N95 camera phone but later I got Nikon D80 and with it I could get much more in to the world of photography.

November 2010 I upgraded my camera to D300s and I started learning how to take photos better!

These days I take photos a lot of my life and my trips, also using my iPhone 4, it's camera is not the best but it is quite good.

Photography is one of my passions in life. Traveling around the world and see new exotic places through my lens.

I can speak Finnish and English and studying Spanish and Japanese also.

I hope you liked my photo stream and my profile, Throw a comment to my pictures if you liked them.
Competitions/magazines my photos been in :

1.Finalist on the Rantapallo Panasonic travel Photo competition (June 6th 2010)

2.Etelä-Suomen sanomat Nature Photo (June 14th 2010)

3.Etelä-Suomen sanomat Nature Photo (August 9th 2010)

4.Etelä-Suomen sanomat Nature Photo (November 15th 2010)

5.Etelä-Suomen sanomat Nature Photo (November 29th 2010)

6.Etelä-Suomen sanomat Nature Photo (December 27th 2010)
My facebook fan page www.facebook.com/Photographer.Ari.Helminen "like" me if you want to follow my journey.
My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/#!/aginor
My Twitter is twitter.com/aginorz
My Plurk is www.plurk.com/aginorz
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My Myspace www.myspace.com/542978302
please contact me if you want .

ps. I always like to meet new people from all over the world so you can add me to your messenger if you want . msn : aginor88@hotmail.com.

aginorz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

some of my work.
#1 This picture I took when I was sitting with in Lahti harbour in south Finland with ym girlfriend. I gave the birds little parts from my muffin and they came more photo friendly and started posing for my camera.
"I Don't care"

#2 This is from my trip in Mexico, I took it in a small town near Mexico city called Tepozotlan, very beautiful and historic town.
Purple Madness

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Ari Helminen (myself) Winter 2010

Photographs here are Copyrighted by Ari helminen.
Contact for more information or wanting to purchase.
Don't use these pictures without my permission.

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Ari Helminen
March 2009
Oulu / North Finland
Tokyo, Japan koto-ku, Finland / Europe Scandinavia
I am:
Male and Taken
Travel Blog of japan
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