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I am a digital photography enthusiast living in Boise, the City of Trees. I enjoy digital photography very much. I have taken hundreds gigabytes of photos (I shot RAW mostly) of landscapes, macros, portraits, and random snapshots. The photos fill up my hard drives really fast. I am still trying to find a good way of managing them.


My first digital camera was a Olympus D340R P&S. It cost me more than $300 from Wal-mart in 2001. The image quality was really bad based on today's standard but I was very happy with it for a while. My second digital camera was a Olympus C750UZ. It really ignited my passion for photography. Soon I found that I wanted more... Nikon D70 was my first DSLR and I loved it. Now I shoot with a Nikon D200.


Photography is fun and addictive. It is also an expensive hobby. I have spent thousands of dollars on lenses, softwares, accessories, etc. I am trying to quench my gear shopping desire and learn more about digital photography.


Currently, I am getting into hobby electronics. I find it to be a perfect combination with digital photography hobby. I was more interested in the technical aspects of digital photography anyway. However I will try to find a balance between taking good photos and studying what makes digital photography work under the hood.


I started the flickr group called "DPTnT -Digital Photography Tips and Techniques", which is a companion group for the blog DPTnT. You are welcome to join and share learnings of photography. Please invites your friends too. Learning by sharing is the best approach with common grounds on the passion for photography.



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