I do a lot of things; one of them is take pictures, then fiddle with them until I like what I see. I'm in love with beauty, and I have an artist's eye.

I love beauty so much it makes me feel achy and strange, like I'm going to throw up or pass out, but I never actually do. Sometimes when I am driving by a stunning sight and I can't get at the camera I want to cry. And then I do.

Lately I've been having fun with the 365 days project and similar self-portrait groups. I started it as a challenge to myself, facing my self-image wise, and at first it was.

Then I got bored with just taking pictures and started making art from my self-photos. I'm enjoying this marriage between my perception of natural beauty and my own flawed human image of myself. It gives me an appreciation for the beauty in everything (even me).

I post my flickr photos at phoenixwolfray.com embedded in my blog posts.

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Phoenix Wolf-Ray
July 2007
Courtenay, BC, Canada
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Spreading the Gaia Word