Phoenix is a street artist who works predominantly in collage wall applications - generated from found collage elements, photocopies, cardboard, plywood and glue.


He uses predominantly analogue processing techniques (cut, paste, mount, photocopy) and tends to steer away wherever possible from digital processing of images as per Photoshop.


Phoenix's ever-expanding collection of primary collage elements supports an idiosyncratic and repeated language of icons. The relationship of these icons across the two-dimensional space supports a sort of visual poetry.

Phoenix loves icons like columns, volcanos, spirals, physics, the anatomical form, towers, nature, wings, fire, sky, technology, eyes, symbols, signs, waves, maps, space, the disembodied hand - amongst many others.)


The repetition of same or similar icons within Phoenix's work allows for many cross-referential richochets between individual works.

Phoenix loves many different forms of duality - image and words, iconography and text, colour and black & white, 2D and 3D, obviousness and subtlety.


Facebook: 'Phoenix the Street Artist'

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