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Photography has been a passion since I was a student.
I love to wander around on Flickr, not a day without surprises. Really great work is at hand, inspiring me time after time.
My wife and my two sons keep me young at heart. I hope you like my work; your feedback is appreciated!


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Some have been in Explore:

1. Best Wishes, 2. Cross, 3. Splash, 4. ][][][][]R[][][], 5. History & Future, 6. Greenhouse, 7. Burberry, 8. Just Some Back Alley,

9. Let The Little Children Come To Me, 10. Belgian Style, 11. Back In Time, 12. Antwerp CS, 13. Sunset, 14. Anarchy, 15. Evening Train, 16. Poudre Cacao #1,

17. Pelecanus Crispus, 18. Feathers, 19. Complete Strangers, 20. Natural Frame, 21. Too Beautiful To Be Too Dark, 22. Composition With Bike, 23. Le Mur, 24. Dordogne 2009,

25. Paul Klee, 26. Throughview, 27. The Lady In Red, 28. A Day At The Station, 29. Escalating, 30. Weakening Light, 31. People Crossing, 32. High Contrast,

33. Out Of The Dark, 34. Eyes, 35. The Silver Trail, 36. Dawn At Thorn, 37. Gemini, 38. Out Of Nowhere, 39. Stillife With Road (II), 40. Stillife With Road (I),

41. It's All Around The Corner, 42. Over There, 43. For The Well Observing, 44. Path, 45. Looking Through, 46. Black & Silver, 47. Yellow Spot Tree, 48. Reds,

49. The Right Light, 50. Winter Poetry, 51. Green, 52. Powdered, 53. Street Art By Bus, 54. Meet The Two Of Us, 55. Pure Gold, 56. Close Encounter,

57. Fresh Roe Deer Tracks, 58. One Wall, Two Interpretations (II), 59. Catching Glimpses, 60. Those Trees ....., 61. Blue, But In A Good Mood!, 62. On Golden Afternoon, 63. Candy, 64. Eleven,

65. Green Energy, 66. White Horse Wanted, 67. Morning Gold, 68. Curve, 69. Shopping, 70. On Thin Ice, 71. At Ease, 72. Fun4all,

73. Apocalypse Now, 74. Barcode

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  • Watching The River Flow by Luc B - PhLB
  • Cucù!!! Auguri amici miei! by hollow distance

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    Frizztext says:

    "Though living in a small town (Helden) in the Netherlands Luc Boonen opened his horizon to a great wide open - with a little help by his favorite tool: the camera. So he visited Paris to the left and Duesseldorf to the right. He discovered interesting architectures, wise animals, beautiful human faces - I like his humour in the gallery PAIRS at - where he featured smoking animals and human beings as well. I like his square-SET and I'm very pleased by his engagement supporting the flickr-group "500x500". I enjoyed his work as an admin there and have been surprised by his ideas for the "Triptych"-galleries. I'm sure, very soon we will meet each other: Maybe when I am driving again to Tilburg, Netherlands, to listen to my favorite gypsy guitarists - or maybe when he is driving to Duesseldorf, Germany, to examine the modern architecture in the "Medienhafen" area...

    October 13th, 2008

Luc Boonen
November 2007
I am:
Male and Taken
Photography Luc Boonen