phitar. Get yours at


thank you for the all kind words, the comments, the stimulations, the questions...




can I refer to your image in my blog ?

of course, i'd love to hear about it.


can I use one of your images in my orkut/myspace... profile ?

no. i find these requests very strange.


i work for such and such NGO/non profit... and would like to use your image for free. is that OK ?

i very often get such requests. if your organization only uses volunteers, please ask, I am open most of the time.

if you or other people (designer, printer, ...) get paid, why shouldn't I ? if my work helps yours, I see no reason why we shouldn't both be paid, so please only ask if you have a budget, even small.


can i publish your work ?

please contact me.


what equipment/film... do you use ?

i use canon equipment: mostly a 1DMkIII and a 1Ds. some pictures also were shot with a D30 or an IXUS 700. you probably could not tell from the image.

i use mostly a 16-35f2.8II and a 24-70mmf2.8.

i sometimes use a 50f1.4, a 100f2.8macro, lensbabies 3G, 70-200f4.

generally I now try to keep the EXIF info in the images so clicking "more properties" will give you the run down.


do you retouch your images ?

I increase contrast and saturation on those images I feel need it. sometimes darken the edges also. I rarely will erase an electric line but I do not like retouching faces.


can I buy a print ?

if you are so inclined, you could purchase prints on imagekind. if the image you want is not on imagekind, ask me and i will upload a highres version so you can buy a print.


why do you shoot photos ?

shootin' the breeze interviewed me. it gave me an opportunity to think about why.


how do you get people to relax ?

spending time getting to know them is a good start. a good rule: treat people as you'd like to be treated; with respect and dignity.


do you want to add your photo to my group ?

sure, why not. only if the only thing i have to do is click, and if the "badge" is not too intrusive... as for "post 1-comment N" I'll probably post but won't comment or fav N because you have not read my rules first. have you ?


can I post my images into comments on your images ?

please refrain. i find it annoying when i read comments to have to scroll through other images. I guess I'll start deleting those.


due to some misunderstandings related to the wording used in CreativeCommons license, all images are now "all rights reserved". however my intention is to allow the CC license (attribution/non commercial/no derivatives) with a special restriction regarding professional usage so if you'd like permission to use them, or would like some of them published on websites or any other kind of media, please contact me through my Flickr mail.


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Merci pour tes images du monde qui sont magnifiques, continu à nous faire voyager à travers tes images. Merci pour tes conseils, tu es pour moi un exemple. @ + Julien

November 20, 2006
mighty knowledge (deleted)

my goal in life is for phitar to comment on my photos. hehe i am in love with your photos of your children and wife. makes me very excited to be a mother and wife in the furture. great work.

November 21, 2006
far-flung clam (deleted)

OOooopsss I nearly clicked on the "block this person" link!! :) Seriously, some of the most wonderful pictures I've ever seen and a very nice guy. You've got a chance to meet life and maybe a bit of youth through pictures unforgettable, don't miss it. Merci mec pour tout ce que tu nous montres.

August 29, 2006
gabriela says:

j'adore les photos de phitar chaque une a une magie particulaire.. il cherche et a le chance de capturer les meilleures moments des vies cotidiennes ... J'adores tes portraits et la diversite de cultures que tu nous montres...on a la chance de avoir des photografes tres humaines dans le monde!!!!

July 3, 2006

phitar is simply amazing. every picture he takes is beautiful and unique!!

May 5, 2006

One day, I met Phitar in Bangkok, in an internet cafe. I recognized him. We spent the diner together. The problem with this guy, is that speaking with him is even more interesting than admiring his amazing photos. Just imagine...

January 17, 2006

Philippe's work is very strong. His deep rich colors inspire & his love of people & culture is clear. I always enjoy visiting his photo stream. It is wonderful to see where he has traveled. Om Shanti, Jennifer

December 14, 2005

Phitar is undoubtedly among the cream of the crop here on Flickr. His portraits are rich in content and colour while being beautifully composed. For me, it's the light in his shots that is awesome. He sees things in a way I can only dream of. And he's a helluva nice guy too!

December 9, 2005

Phitar is an absolute GREAT photographer! His photos are so strong in colour and composition and his portraits are stunning! Every time I look on his photostream I travel throught his eyes to the most gorgeous moments he had when he was looking through his camera!

August 11, 2005

Philippe's images transcend photography to touch the very soul of man. To view his work is to travel thru a world most of us would never see and to embrace the truth of the human condition. Each image is both powerful and fragile...and after viewing, the faces of those he has shown will stay with you a very long time.

June 19, 2005

Some of the most jaw-droppingly, eye-wateringly beautiful and colourful photos that consistently blow my mind are taken, and sometimes tweaked, by Philippe. A truly great Flickrer!

May 19, 2005

phitar blows my mind away, one day i want to reach his standard in photography, and look through his creative eyes, he is brilliant and will surely make a difference to everyone!

April 22, 2005

Not many times you see the truth capture in it's simplest, evocative and most compelling way. Phitar invites us to a journey into life, into knowledge , innocence, dreams and pain. Effortlessly.

April 20, 2005