My love for photography started while in the armed forces, I would spend a lot of time creeping around the woods with the troops and some times come face to face with all kinds of wild life! some good, some not so good, and some that had me running away screaming like a big girl's handbag!.

However, been the hunter worrier I was supposed to be, ha!haa!! I would creep back just to see if I could get that one shot before I was dragged by the seat of my arse to the tree tops! O.K. so maybe it was only a deer or a rabbit! but I wasn't to know was I ?

Anyway, that's how it started and I dropped out of it for a while but the call was to strong and I had to get back in to it, just wish I had kept some of the shots of those days but I didn't, and now I have more time I want to relight that fire that I think never really went out.

I love the call of the wild and everything about it, I am also playing with studio work and strobes which I keep for that rainy day, but my heart beats so fast when I'm in the wild I have to keep going back! and god forbid befor it's all gone. I would like to thank all my contacts for the comments on what I send up and the magic of your skills and talent which I have the pleasure of veiwing.
P.S. all your advice is welcome kind regards Phil.

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December 2009
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