I have been collecting figures since the early 80's.It really started with Star Wars and then came GI JOE.I had loads of stuff from these 2 things.In 1986 the LJN wrestlers came out and they were my fav.I was only missing 4-5 after the line ended.After I moved away I had all my childhood toys put in my parents basement.Unforunately my nephews got into them and played(broke alot) and ruined most of my SW stuff and unable to find my LJNs.They didn't touch my Joes so I took them with me.Unforately depesate time meant desperate measures.I had to sell all my joes.One of the few things I regret doing in my life.It was a happy time in my childhood when I played with them and now they were gone.That was 8 years ago now.
For 6 years I didn't collect anything but one day at Walmart I seen a wrestling figure of Bam Bam Bigelow in RA style and I had to get him.It started me collecting again. I have most of the wrestling figures I want to date until new ones appear.
I recently decided to get back my SW and GI Joe stuff. Ebay is a great thing. :) I will be posting pics as I start recieving them.

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