57 Yr Old long-haul Tractor-Trailer Driver, living in Albany, CA.
I've been a photographer since 1970...

I have used, and still own, quite a number of cameras, including, but not limited to: a Santa Barbara Pinhole 4x5, an Olympus Pen-FT, four Nikons - a D40x, a Nikkormat FT2, a Nikon N75, a Nikon F4s, a Rollieflex that is currently out of action, a Pentax SP-1000, an old Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta and a Z.-I. Nettar.

I am looking to acquire two lenses in a Nikon mount, both Sigmas: a 10-20 f/3.5, and a "Bigma" 50-500. The 10-20 would only be used on the D40x, the "Bigma" would be shared amongst all the AF Nikons.

I've posted shots from 11 cameras so far - the additions to the above (and reason I'm no longer using such) are: a Nikon F4s, (stolen, now replaced by another F4s...) Olympus OM-1MD, (fallen out of favor) a Ricoh 500, (borrowed) and a Minox M3 DCC Leica replica (not enough Mp for me - and it's low-light capability is non-existent!)

Note: all photos are full-frame for the camera in use (always tagged...) UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. (I often crop, but always indicate when I do so, unless the picture is an old (pre-2008) scan... when I might have forgotten whether the .jpg on my computer is, or is not, a crop...) When I'm shooting with a vibration reduction lens (Nikon: VR, Sigma: OS) the feature is turned OFF unless stated otherwise. Note that no shots from the F4s will have Vibration Reduction active - The Nikon F4 simply doesn't know about VR...

I do not alter pictures except in the following ways, unless otherwise stated in the caption: cropping, improving sharpness, contrast, brightness, saturation, and hue/color temperature and (on negative or slide scans...) eliminating obvious dust spots.

Guidelines for how much is cropped: "lightly": less cropped off than the normal Piknik® crop; "cropped": the normal Piknic® crop; "Heavily": more than the normal crop; "Severely" a lot more than the normal crop; "ruthlessly" surviving picture area is a postage stamp of the original picture! There is some subjectivity in the last three grades... the same standards apply to Aviary, since Flickr switched to it...

Re: Geotags - I try to always geotag the location of the subject. The only exception to this is when I'm photographing something large and far away (like a sunset, sunrise, cloud formation...) when my geotag will be where I was standing (sitting, etc...) when the shutter went off. Exceptions will be noted as above for cropping. I do not geotag photos taken in my house/studio.

When I post in a caption the line a bus or other transit vehicle is working, I mean the line the vehicle was working on the day that the picture captioned was taken: the transit line(s) may have changed since the picture was taken! I try to indicate when such a change has happened, if i know of the change...

For the vast majority of my pictures of road vehicles, I am one of the following:
(in descending order of picture numbers)
1) Taking the picture from the sidewalk as a pedestrian,
2) Taking the picture from a stopped vehicle,
3) Taking the picture from the median as a pedestrian,
4) Taking the picture from a vehicle where I am a passenger ,
5) otherwise not endangering traffic, pedestrians, myself, or anyone else! (overheads, bridges, etc...) This last is for most of my "parking slobs" pictures, where I'm taking the picture from one side of the parking aisle, of the other side.

For rail vehicles, I am almost always standing by the tracks, or in a train station...

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Paul Sullivan
June 2008
San Francisco, CA
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