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Flickr was a powerful website for sharing photos, but navigation may be confusing to the first-timer. For my public-view photos you can start at the Sets(albums) page. A (blue) link is provided to it below this paragraph. Small framed images represent the Sets, [most recent upload first]. The Set title gives indication of the type of contents. Choose one you're interested in and mouse-click on it to open. This produces the introductory page for that specific Set, with thumbnails for a quick overview. Though you can then click on a particular thumbnail to go directly to the photo-page, it's usually better to click the somewhat larger image on the left for the Set's start photo, as most of my shots are in ordered sequence. That should take you to a photo-page which has one large photo. Underneath (scroll down) I've often added some text description. This sometimes includes blue links to other pages of related interest; for example webcams, and Quicktime tour views. Most of my photos are location mapped . Enjoy!
Flickr also has powerful search facilities so that you can select images for specific word tags. E.g: peteshep architecture vernacular

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Eventually, especially in public places, close faces may appear that I do not know. If you recognize yourself in one of my photos here, you may contact me by email so I can send you a copy, or at your request delete it from here.

Webcams I've linked in photo pages as at '09: [Some require Flash or Java; several are not properly maintained.] Allow download time:
Ventimiglia * , Carfax Oxford * , Cambridge? * , Trafalgar Square * , London skyline * , Coniston * , York at minster * , Paris panorama * , Dartmouth * , Historic Edinburgh * , Dubai Live controllable * , Bern city * , Thun including castle * , Bellinzona * , St Peter's Rome * , Ostuni area Puglia * , Menton * , Acropolis Athens * , Mykonos port * , Santorini caldera * , Fira Santorini * , Granada Alhambra * ;
And webcams added for South America: Cuzco * , and * , Montevideo * .
Athen's Acropolis Added Aug '08: *
Villefranche SE France added Sept '09 * and *.
Standard Hotel ChelseaNY added Oct 09 *
Bryant Park NYC added Dec '09 *

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And there's a linked Virtual tour of the Weald & Downland in my Travels 2 set. *

Also other links to 360deg Quicktime "tours" including York Minster *, Canterbury Cathedral (19) * , Soane museum London * , Leadenhall Market * , V&A London * , British Museum * , London Millenium bridge * , St James Park London * , Tower of London * , Wells cathedral * , Trinity Coll Quad Cambridge * , King's Coll Cambridge * , Carfax Oxford * , Balliol Broad St Oxford * , Yew Tree Tarn Lake District * , Vence *, St Paul de Vence (12) *, Menton at St Michel * , Portovénere Italy(3) * , Manarola Cinque Terre * , Bern Zytglogge * , Castel Grande Bellinzona * , Piazza Navona Rome * , La Défense (2) * , Notre Dame Paris *, Notre Dame Exterior and Interiors(3) *, Athen's Acropolis *, Perugia *, Assisi *, Santorini/Thera *, Ia *, Winchester Great Hall *, St-Paul-de-Vence (2 more) *

March '09: Further QTime tours added for Biot, Èze, St-Paul-d-V, and Tourettes-s-Loup.
September '09 1001 Wonders World-heritage-tour panning QTime links added for:
Isfahan mosque *, Notre Dame Paris *, Ste Chapelle Paris *.
Dec '09 MoMA NYC sculpture garden court *, 5thAve Seagram/Lever *,
Apple Plaza NYC *, Columbus Circle NYC *, UN Plaza/Pomodoro *,
Paris Louvre *, Paris Notre Dame parvis *, San Gimignano piazza *
Corniche/Eze *, Isfahan Maidan from Ali Qapu Porch *.

And a bunch of various 360o Cities panorama links added 1st March 2010.

World's Best by peteshep:
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Geotagged/Mapped photo locations: Most of my photos have been geotag mapped in Flickr from their photo-pages.
Many also include a blue "wikimapia" link in the description. This is set to take you into the location detail in satellite aerial view thus showing the physical context. Furthermore Wikimapia has a drop down so that you can switch to other formats such as Google Map of exactly the same scale and location.

blurb books:
4-01TourettesFA BS copy

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Greece Book (all pages):

Southern Italy:

Slideshow Nth India People: + F11 on PC, or Full-screen.

flickr Donkey-Farm Test:

A number of my photos here on flickr have been voted Top at:

Related Web sites of value:

Royal Institute of British Architects:
Peter Sheppard on RIBAPix:

ProvenceBeyond: Excellent site for the back-country of Provence and Alpes-Maritimes, especially villages:

Official Most beautiful villages in France:

Some random New Zealand Architecture and Buildings:

New London Architecture: What's currently happening in London Architecture, from the N.L.A. in Store St. Includes Project Directory with search:

UNESCO World Heritage Sites List:

More on World Heritage Sites:

Organisation of World Heritage Cities:

World Heritage Links including ICOMOS and ICCROM:

Some of my World Heritage Site photos on flickr:

Be warned:
TinEye optical Search:
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I also use javascript src-img

ParadoxPlace (esp Italian art towns):

New Zealand Search Engine:

Panoramic Earth:

RIBArchitects Photo Library:

Essential World Architecture:

MIMOA Modern Architecture Guide (Euro -centric):

U of Oregon Architecture Source:

Large Architectural images, (some from flickr; not skyscrapers):
Amazing building Sites

Bush house NZ on MiMOA:

Huntly Power Sation NZ on MiMOA:

Urban sketchers blog link:

TED Nat Geog Video -- Set Fullframe:


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