I am a dedicated teacher and practitioner.

Photography, I believe, is about everything else.

(So it's about everything else we must learn as opposed to introspective preoccupation with the medium itself)

Our perceptions can choose captures from the minute personal to the infinite.
Choice of themes is equally infinite
- from the picturesque that assuages us
to images composed of complex manifold visual messages unrestricted by notions of time, tense and scale.

My choices have consistently been the love of the picturesque,
clinical documentation - "freezing moments in time" and
layered messages aimed to prompt consideration beyond the known and accepted norms.

It's all driven by a mortality apprehension -

Who will we be as ancestors?

- to not simply vanish from life, but instead hopefully inspire some accelerated cognition into ongoing intellectual development -
a legacy of wisdom, tolerance and peace treading more softly on the planet.

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Peter van der Veer
March 2009
Geelong, Australia
Artist / Photographer
vdv.peter [at] gmail.com