Peregrine Treks offers a wide variety of holiday packages. Among the many tourist adventure activities in Nepal, trekking is by far the most popular. The diversity in Nepal's geography and a range of exotic cultures makes this country ideal for trekking, exploring stunning scenery and meeting local people. Trekking provides an opportunity to observe the local culture of the people and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature undisturbed by the influence of modern times.

You can choose between fully organised trekking tours or independent, customised trekking tours, depending on the situation and the region you wish to visit. Fully organised trekking tours are for larger expeditions, have a fixed itinerary and feature off-the-beaten-track wilderness camping grounds. Whether you are part of a larger group or a smaller one, trekkers have their own experienced staff, which gives you the freedom of choice to visit remote regions that have no teahouse infrastructure. If camping is not your scene, you may enjoy the comforts of a teahouse trek, which is suitable for small groups wanting to visit the more popular areas that have a good network of teahouses. No matter how you decide to travel, Peregrine Treks can put you on the map in the Himalayas!

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