The Soul to catch in the photo.

Best studio is the street.
People are most beautiful when unnoticed.
Expressions the greatest value to get.

Trying out new identities in photography here on Flickr.

Thanks for commenting.

i Love to discuss
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    urline says:

    "street photography at its best!

    real life, well captured....

    Peet Neet rocks!"

    6th April, 2008

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    joewig says:

    "What a thrill to find a body of street work of this calibre. So much artistry is present, so much talent is displayed and most importantly, so much heart is captured in these shots.

    Take your time and soak in his photostream of images. What took by breath away was as I viewed his photostream, the after effect of the photographs would run up and overloaded my senses because each image demanded to be seen on its own and absorbed.

    His work is a beauty to behold, honest in its portrayal and so inspiring that if you don't shoot, you'd wish you did; if you do shoot, you'd want to do more; and if you do shoot more, you'd find his work a constant reminder that you need to do better.

    His style is immediately satisfying and his heart is ever present. Catch this one and watch him closely... Peet and his work are a rare treat on flickr. Thanks for gracing us with your presence."

    21st June, 2007

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    Barry Lu 陸維陽 says:

    ""Peet NeeT" is my favorite photographer.
    Everytime when I visit his page, its can
    spent me whole day long to read his art.
    He has good and sensitive eyes to feel
    people. His is the best!!"

    21st May, 2007

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    gdraskoy says:

    "PeeTNeeT is a fantastic candid photographer. It needs guts to photograph complete strangers in public places. What I really like is the expressions of the people. If he has 5 faces in one picture there wlll be 5 different expression and mostly they will look into 5 directions.
    Congratulations and please keep up posting your wonderful art"

    5th May, 2007

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    Willem Wernsen-Photo says:

    "You are the best;-)"

    5th May, 2007

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    Cameron Adams says:

    "Hey, flickerers! In here you will find an abundance of brilliance. Public transit photography is a time honored practice and Pee TNee T is one of its greats. Getting under the skins of strangers in public is a gentle art and his pictures are joy to behold. He is also a most prolific street photographer whose frequent updates never fail deliver a twinge of envy. Thanks for these inspirations, Mr. Pee TNee T."

    1st May, 2007

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    Mikkel Elbech says:

    "PeeTNeeT's the man... Really awesome photos, not least his black and white stuff which is top class and truly inspirational! :)"

    28th April, 2007

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