I am a 3rd generation photographer in my family, after my Dad and Grandma. I take pictures of just about anything that catches my eye. I must confess that I haven't used more than 10 rolls of "real film" in almost 10 years since I went Digital!!! Before that I usually did 200---250 rolls of film a year, not including weddings.

I will post a lot more photos once I figure out how to get the uploader to work........


Equipment----a wide range!! My old standby is my bulletproof Nikon FM---fully manual. I did treat myself to a Nikon F100 a few years ago but I think my sister has borrowed it more than I have used it!!! I have been known to show up at parties with a Polaroid 600 camera and several packs of film..... I have the first camera my Grandmother ever bought---it is an old box camera from 1920 when she got married. It used the 620 format film and once I brought it to a family reunion up in Ohio to take a big group shot. I loaded it up with 120 film and put it up on a tripod for the Big Family Reunion picture. I had a neighbor push the shutter button. Its good that I also set up the Nikon FM because the box camera film got ripped at the camera store when they tried to unload it in the black bag. Oh well..... I just thought it would be cool to take a photo of most of Grandma's descendants with her first camera!! So now you all know how obsessed I am!!!! LOL!!! I also have a Yashica twin lens reflex camera that is great for medium format photos and my Dad's old 1940s vintage Rollei TLR that I wish could speak to me!!! I can't get it to work and no one in NYC seems to be able to get the parts to fix it. I guess it is now relegated to knick knack status on a shelf!!

My current digital cameras are also Nikon---Cool Pix L120 and a Nikon D300. I also keep my previous "purse camera" a 10 MP/12x optical zoom Fujifilm S1000-fd because it has awesome macro.

I've gotten off to a rocky start with my Nikon D300 and I only have one lens for it at present but we have been working much better together lately!!

And of course I also use the ubiquitous cellphone camera!! Great for fast shots!!! Sometimes the low-res actually adds to the mood of the shot, like in restaurants, for example. My Buddy Icon on this page was taken with my cell phone camera.

I still have a bunch of Polaroid cameras and some film. They are going to stop making instant film in 2009 so I guess I had better stock up!!! There is just something about it.......probably just nostalgia on my part since the photo quality wasn't good at all!!!!

Shooting and Editing Style: I am generally a Photo Realist. I sometimes crop my photos and manipulate them with some version of Adobe PhotoShop. Lately I have been doing minimal editing and usually work with Google's [FREE!!!] Picasa 3 program. I don't do a whole lot to make them look "artistic", maybe a bit of contrast and upping the saturation a little, but not too much. Usually, what I see is what you get!

And BTW---I love chatting and commenting with all of my Flickr Friends from all over the world!!! Keep those comments and critiques coming!!!




6 November 2007----1000 views of Photostream

14 November 2007----1500 views & 2500 photos

(also would have been my Nana's 100th Birthday but she passed away in March of this year)

25 November 2007----2000 views

17 December 2007----3200 views

19 January 2008----5000 views!!!

11 March 2008----3000 photos

16 May 2008----10,000 Views of my Photostream!!!

5 June 2008----11,000 Views

16 October 2008----17,000 Views of Photostream


22 October 2008----over 100,000 Aggregate Views of my Flickr


3 October 2012------over 1,000,000 Aggregate Views!!!!!


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Jody says:

Loretta was one of my first contacts on flickr. She has a knack of taking photos of things I've been looking at all my life and making them seem fresh and new! I enjoy each and every one of her pictures. She makes the everyday things in life exciting. Keep up the great work!!

September 11, 2010

Peachhead has a way of showig us the simple pleasures of life in a way that draws you into her world. Making you want to scream out "HOW THE HECK IS SHE DOING THIS ??" Perfect shots everytime. Her work should be on frames selling at Hallmark...I love your work Peachhead..love it..

May 25, 2008