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Don't believe the "Taken on..." date for any photo of mine that doesn't also list the camera make; editing overwrote the EXIF on those photos. I often upload photos taken months ago.


Alarmingly well-read, clean cut, disarmingly insouciant, colorblind, and idealistic to a fault. I've piloted countless conveyances: kayak, pogo, segway, unicycle, and most thrillingly, a wheelchair skitching off a bicycle during a downpour, but never a car. Regardless of mode, I brake for pedestrians and pastry shops.


My bookshelf taxonomy (thanks, Bob!), in descending order of crowding:

consumer society

city building techniques

Chicago & the Midwest

New York & the East

ecology & environment

US government & society

comparative global urbanism

folio, reference


social theory

California & the West

queer studies

France & (the) French

art & architectural history

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