Julian Beever is a British street artist who started his pavement art while drawing in various countries to fund his travels. His earlier drawings were mainly portraits of well known people that worked best in getting immediate attention from passers-by. He developed his three dimensional or "anamorphic" pavement drawings out of curiosity and a love of the medium.

"I started when I was in a pedestrian street in London where an old garden had been removed. This left a rectangle of slabs which gave me the idea to convert this in to a virtual swimming pool in the middle of the main street! It worked so well I tried other variations such as a well with people falling in. I soon realized that if you could make things appear to go into the pavement, you could equally make them appear to stand out of it," Mr. Beever says.

Some have dubbed him "the Pavement Picasso," as his work, like the Spanish Master’s in his Cubist period, centers on three-dimensionality. Each drawing must be seen from one special viewpoint and if the viewer moves from it the illusion is lost and the drawing becomes an unrecognizable distortion.

"My work appeals to the common people and is not confined to galleries or limited by the gallery system.” It is the internet that has brought Julian Beever to the attention of the world. His work spans renderings of old masters to large pastels portraits to optical illusions.

Most recently, Mr. Beever created a “Fountain of Youth” in Union Square, New York City, commissioned by AVEENO® to celebrate the launch of their new anti-aging skincare line. This three-dimensional chalk drawing includes a bursting fountain and a woman who appears to be standing in the water. The Fountain is surrounded by plush foliage that represents the ingredients used in the new skincare line.

Born in the United Kingdom in 1959, Mr. Beever attended Leeds University where he studied Fine Art.

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Julian Beever
January 2007
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