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I am retired and photography is my hobby, although I have been represented by galleries and sold images. I am increasingly creating images that attempt to reflect my thoughts, moods, interests, views and attitudes, my sense of humor and my perception of the world that surrounds me.

My inspiration comes increasingly from the late 19th century to present day paintings and less so from photographs. The advent of photography forced painters to abandon total reliance on true-life paintings. Since then, painters have been relying more on their imagination and creativity to produce images that represent more their vision, thoughts and emotions. I think we, photographers, are now faced with the same situation, as billions of cellphone images are crowding us out of representational photography. I welcome this shove.

The equipment we now have is so smart and so good, that technical issues are to a large degree handled for us by the brains of our cameras. That gives us more opportunity to focus our attention on composition, but especially on creativity and vision. We have much to learn from the painters; the opportunities are infinite and bound only by our imagination.

Some capable photographers think that I do not have a consistent style. I suspect that style to them is a consistent subject matter (e.g. waterfalls, forests, sea, flowers) and “look”. The “look” is mostly achieved by taking and processing images in a consistent way. To me, that is too limiting. I like to photograph all sorts of subjects, and I deliberately explore different approaches to taking and processing photos. I believe I do have a style, but my style is more on a conceptual level.

For me, “intent” is very important. Something in the environment catches my attention for a reason and I wish to tell the viewer what catches my eyes. Alternatively, I try to create an image starting with a blank canvas and construct the image to convey something specific to the viewer. That is my “intent“ and intent anchors most of my recent photos.

The next phase involves a series of decisions on how to take and process the photo to best communicate the intent to the viewer. That is my “story telling”. All the decisions are meant to work together to communicate my story effectively. Each story requires different techniques to tell the particular story I wish to tell. I am fairly consistent in this approach. Therefore, I believe I do have a style on a conceptual level although, with the exception of the short series, my images may look different. My sense of aesthetics is fairly broad, and like everybody else, has bounds. I therefore consider my style to be interplay of how I approach images conceptually and my sense of aesthetics.

My primary motivation in photography is continuing creative growth and understanding. For me, it means growth in art knowledge and appreciation, and growth in my ability to produce strong personal and creative images. I recognize I need to continue to improve technically and in composition to achieve my primary goal of growing artistically and being able to successfully convey my ideas through my artwork. Growth is a life-long process for me, punctuated by the images I create along the way. Fortunately, I will never reach my destination.

I very much welcome frank, specific, actionable feedback on my images as a means to achieve better understanding and improvement. I will be glad to reciprocate.

All my images are copyrighted. Besides viewing my photographs here on Flickr, you may not use them in any way without my permission in writing.

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    Rebecca Ang says:

    "Pavel has a superb and keen eye for photography. Anyone viewing his photostream would attest to that. He masterfully conceptualizes his shot in his mind's eye before executing it to perfection. I've benefited from Pavel's honest, insightful, and genuine feedback on my work. I truly appreciate his willingness to provide both positive and negative feedback, both of which I believe, are critical for one to continue to strive to do better. He is also generous with his time, sharing with me his expertise not only in photo-taking but also his vast knowledge and skill in post-processing work.

    Finally it remains for me to say a big thank you to you, Pavel!"

    March 6th, 2012

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    gregor H says:

    "Pavel I appreciate the contact with you very much. You're one of the handful of people with whom I am in contact regularly over a long time. So I have a feeling we are in delicate commentary communication that works. In your Pictures, especially in the natural, I find inspiration. For you, the motive often show me a new perspective. I am also fascinated how you transport moods. I hope we can keep our contact even in the future, despite the fast pace here in Flickr."

    July 10th, 2011

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    rab mcbride says:

    "Pavel has a passion for photography that comes across not only in his work, but also in his approach to learning.

    He welcomes honest feedback on his images, and doesn't let his ego get in the way in his search for the truth, which tells me a bit about his strong and good character

    I consider myself very fortunate to have met Pavel on Flickr. He has a tremendous insight that I have benefited from due to the feedback he has been good enough to offer me. It has indeed been a "meeting of minds". Pavel "tells it as he sees it", a very precious commodity, much moreso than mutual backslapping.

    Pavel has already reached a high standard in his work, but knowing Pavel and his aforementioned approach to learning, I'm quite sure this high standard will continue to improve"

    January 3rd, 2011

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    Luís C says:

    "One interesting aspect about Pavel's work is that he doesn't stick to a specific genre. In Pavel's stream we find landscapes, but also floral close-ups, animals, people, abstract, experimental. Technically he knows how to explore all the range of possibilities a camera and lenses have to offer: high speed, long exposures, wide open, wide dof. His critiques are some of the best I have read. His insights about photography issues are enlightening and inspiring. For all these reasons one may say with absolutely certainty that Pavel loves what he is doing. He has a passion for photography that motivates him to keep going on exploring all the potential for creativity and artistic expression this art has to offer, never falling on the temptation of the easy and eventually popular paths. One admirable and inspiring quality!"

    October 15th, 2010

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