"but the plot hinged on a supersmart dog that communicated through Scrabble letters." Bookslut on Dean Koontz.

Freelance web-developer living and work in Ireland.

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  • Beauty. by saurajitdasgupta
  • photo by Paul Watson
  • Leah and Daddy by FionaHaughney

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    Flikvlooi says:

    "Paul watson is someone i was lucky to know for a short time while he was in SA, i was lucky to have him as a friend and as a boyfriend. He is a great person and a loving friend. I think he takes amazing photos, anything he takes a photo of will be stunning!"

    June 4th, 2006

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    slight clutter says:

    ""An artist chooses his subjects: that is the way he praises."
    --Friedrich Nietzsche

    Each time I look at one of Paul Watson’s photos, I feel like I am witnessing a loving tribute to the moment, person, and/or place that he has captured with his lens. His photos are full with beauty, expression, and life. He has a keen eye for the “what is special” in his world, and he is generous enough to share that with the rest of us.

    Paul always shakes things up with his photography. The minute that I feel like I have him pegged as a certain “type” of photographer, he shatters that assignment with a completely “against-type” photo. He can do it all: high fashion, sweeping landscapes, evocative photojournalism, self-portraits, macros, and any of the other you-name-it genres. His artistic versatility makes him a standout in the Flickr community.

    On a personal note, Paul Watson is a warm, generous, funny, and interesting man. He embodies the beauty that he captures so perfectly on film. I expect great things from him in the future, and I strongly believe that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography."

    April 5th, 2005

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    Andy Peace says:

    "Paul is enthusiastic and passionate about everything he does, and his portfolio here on Flickr is proof of that. He is an excellent photographer and a fantastic friend. Go Paul!"

    March 30th, 2005

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    JesseJonesPhoto says:

    "it's incredible that Paul can capture everything from the fantastic to the mundane, or the everyday to the exquisitely rare, and make EVERY shot look special.

    he was my first contact on Flickr, and I still look forward *every* day to seeing something new from him."

    March 19th, 2005

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    actually price says:

    "It must take a lot to be this good. Respect!"

    March 11th, 2005

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    Katie Poole says:

    "From the first photo I saw I was hooked. The emotion which goes into each shot, and the honesty that is conveyed lets you know a little about Watson. He has soul, and he captures it in every pixel. To see his gallery, for such it must be called, is to have the pleasure of participating in the most colorful life story one has ever had the pleasure of viewing."

    March 8th, 2005

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    Velvet G says:

    "Paul takes the most amazing pictures. I've also come to learn that he's actually a really good guy too. I think it's refreshing to find someone with a talent obviously above the rest who still manages to be down to earth.

    Keep shooting, man. I'll definitely keep tuning in. I've picked up a lot of things from following your stream."

    February 28th, 2005

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    asian girl says:

    "I love the shots. Very creative. Could make a story out of photos. They're just beaitful. What can I say... I'm a fan :)"

    January 27th, 2005

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    fotokat says:

    "No matter what happens in Paul's photos, I am always left with a sense that he is an extremely compassionate person...his photographs convey all types of emotion and every time he posts new work I can't wait to go through it!"

    November 30th, 2004

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    Jon Newman says:

    "Paul is like a good ice cream, while he may seem cool on the exterior, put him in a hot situation and he soon goes all squishy.
    He tastes good too. Cookie Dough I think. (Possibly with some Choc Fudge Brownies mixed in)"

    August 27th, 2004

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    Meg Forbes says:

    "Generous with both praise and honest criticism, Paul is a good friend who pushes me to excel. A rare find indeed."

    August 23rd, 2004

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    Derek Lakin says:

    "Paul is a really great guy, a good photographer, an excellent developer and my CSS rock.

    Behind that geeky exterior lies a soft, romantic heart."

    August 19th, 2004

Paul Watson
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