An amateur photographer, I most enjoy taking picture of animals, people, and plants. Well, scenery, too. Okay - pretty much everything. I've gone back and forth on posting pictures here - only the best or everything I shoot? Somewhere in between but skewed toward the latter. I think about it almost every time I post but until this becomes my profession, it'll reflect my life.

I seem be using my camera and Flickr to document my life and I send my favorites to my blog, schoolio photos. I've come to use it as a barometer for my life's business factor: more photos = better work/life balance. I'd like to post one a day but I think I need to both find a better balance as well as shoot a little better to get to that point. Until then, I'll continue to post some of what I shoot whether or not it's my best work. I encourage and appreciate constructive criticism.

Oh - and if you haven't seen it, feel free to check out some of my most interesting work. A little of something for everyone. :)

Finally, if you're near the midwestern states in the U.S. and want to hire a budding photographer with a good eye at a reasonable rate, check out PAO Photography. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.

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July 2005
St. Louis Park, U.S.A.
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