I spent years planning and executing mostly solo trips into the BC Coast Ranges and Kluane National Park's Icefield Ranges (in the Yukon). There I'd camp on various icefields, read, sleep, play in the snow and wait for the perfect light.

All but the most recent of these landscape photos were taken with slide film. No filters. No computer manipulation of the colours.
The luminous colours are either a bit exagerated by the slide film itself, or are the results of exceptional light conditions.

Since September 2009 I have been learning to use my digital SLR, so far working on rusty old vehicles and correspondingly old ads. I love the contrast between the shiny high hopes for 20th century consumer society and their rusty remains today.

The old ads and varous graphic arts are usually then tweaked on Photoshop. Otherwise they would be like the earlier photos I took of old ads: colours off, and tilted to an annoying degree.

Finally, I hate to admit it, but some of the old graphics were (gasp!) scanned. Fast, easy, but not as sharp as those that were photographed by hand.

Thank you for looking at this collection of images.

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  • C'est Moi!1999 by paul.malon
  • Mamquam Magic by 21mickrange
  • 1941 ... safety-sured! by x-ray delta one
  • Malon by Harhop

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    File Photo Digital Archive says:

    "The Sun Never Sets on a Paul Malon image. Today the uploaded image count to Paul's photo stream has reached 20,000. This photo stream is a virtual treasure trove of wonder and beauty. From Paul's photos to the adverts, each image is truly a gem. The adverts are an historical documentation of days gone by when real art work was employed in advertising. Through his work, kindness and generosity, these images are not just in his study gathering dust, but here for the entire world to view. New generations are being introduced to this collection daily. Somewhere on the web, someone has just viewed, is viewing, or is about to view a "paul.malon" image. That is the reason why The Sun Never Sets on a Paul Malon Image."

    June 15th, 2013

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    x-ray delta one says:

    "Fantastic detail and clarity!
    Seemingly endless collection.
    Paul is making an invaluable contribution to preserving history and art for generations to come!

    ... and his original photography is superb!
    I love how he captures the inner ghosts of the old vehicles."

    December 23rd, 2010

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