My name is Paul and Im currently obsessed with taking pictures. its a bit of a problem really. It started with a film slr about a year ago, i just thought id try it. you know? just once? film cameras are cheap. whats the worse that can happen?

Let me tell you what can happen, young padwan. It started with c41 bw film. that was great and all, but expensive. So i moved up a level and bought a bunch of stuff to do my own developing. Then i needed a scanner, but thought, hey, once ive done that ill be right then.

Next i bought "an old second hand digital" cos you know, dont want to be left out of all the pleasures of the modern era. i thought id be done then. Then, I started to buy and sell old film bodies and lenses on ebay it was a little "side business" yeah right. now ive got 5 or 6 manual film bodies that i cant bare to sell. oh well, they're not very expensive/valuable. and hey, the ones i dont use are a nice display/talking point. its not really a problem.

Then i started shooting obsessively, thinking about gear and lenses obsessively, talking to strangers on the internet obsessively and upgrading the film body to an EOS5, Upgrading the digital to a brand new 40d, MF film bodys, an enlarger, inkjet printers, a new Mac...

It was really getting out of hand for a while there. But i should be right now.

Im really happy with my gear now. All i need is a couple more lenses and ill be set then. No problem. Glad thats almost finally over. Now ill soon be able to go back to saving for a house.


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Paul Hoefgen
August 2007
Perth, Australia
I am:
Male and Single
moping about.