I'm a retired computer programmer and amateur photographer living in Colorado (since 1989). I've been active with digital since 2005, and was into film photography in the mid- to late-80's while living in Northern California.

Sports is my main topic (especially baseball, increasingly high school sports). Others include nature/landscapes, dark (as in low brightness), long exposure (largely under 5 seconds), intentional camera movement, minimalism, utility poles, people, hubcaps in motion, silhouette, and whatever catches my eye. I give my photos to anyone who wants them, posting the better ones on smugmug.

I like to enliven photos by making video photoshows from them, set to music and timed to lyrics as much as possible. My current pride and joy is set to "Promise Land", by Hannah Miller.

Until moving away, I was the defacto photographer of the Centennial State League (CSL), a summer, college-level baseball league in the northern Colorado Front Range. Among other videos, I've also made three video photoshows from the CSL that I'm kinda proud of.
* The first is in a standard style.
* The second is baseball reinterpreted as dance.
* The third is a mad rush of 567 photos in under five minutes.

I primarily used a Canon T90 with Tokina 100-300 in the 80's, and Canon 7D and 7D Mark II with Canon 70-200/2.8 and 28-135/3.5 now.



CSL - Centennial State League
Web site: Fort Collins Foxes
Facebook: Fort Collins Foxes Baseball Club
( Loveland Blue Jays - team inactive)
(Windsor Beavers - team inactive)


Now here's the old stuff about flickr galleries from years ago

My photos are one thing. For a look at my interests, personality and sense of humor, perhaps it's best to consider the galleries I've assembled from the work of the amazing photographers on flickr. That's what I enjoy the most on flickr these days. I have:
- 138 as of 17 Oct 2000
- 252 as of 5 Nov 2009
- 296 as of 8 Dec 2009
- 330 as of 2 Feb 2010

My recent faves can vary considerably, depending on which galleries I'm working on lately. Anything from precious babies' faces to piles of skulls and rivers of blood for dystopia. Here are My favorites of my faves.

Out of 330, the following are the galleries I'm most pleased with.
(I list these on this page for now because flickr's early gallery implementation does not yet provide for the organization needed to keep the more interesting galleries from getting lost, what with the large number of them that I have. Flickr implementing gallery collections would allow me to get rid of these lists.)

Gallery of the moment:
- caught red-handed

Ongoing saga:
- Reminds me of ... and friends (5 galleries)

- Squirrels say the darndest things
- Three Amigos
- Free. Your. Mind.
- Me. This is Me.
- Angry by Nature

- "Do you know the secret of Skin So Soft?"
- Baby Faces
- Warmed by Dreamlight

- Beautiful Birds
- Like a Painting
- Drops and their splashes
- Silhouette

Impressive subject:
- Matterhorn
- The Power of the Dark Side
- I'm in charge here!
- What a place!
- Lunar Eclipse
- GWAR !! WARNING: thoroughly disgusting to some viewers - run away!

And here are galleries series (incomplete list):
Fan out using the links in each gallery's description:
- The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12345678, many Series - 9 galleries
- The Variations on Numbers Series - 6 galleries
- The Numbers as Applied in the Real World Series - 5 galleries
- The Architecture Series - 19 galleries
- The Bird Series - 7 galleries
- The Color Series - 9 galleries
- The Dog Series - 9 dog galleries (+1 cat)
- The Downer Series - 11 galleries
- The Easter Island Moai Statues Series - 7 galleries
- The Eye Series - 5 galleries
- The Fish Series - 6 galleries
- The Heavy Duty Series - 7 galleries
- The High Atop Mount Olympus Series - 7 galleries
- The "How do I look?" Series - 15 galleries
- The Let's get physical Series - 7 galleries
- The Memory Series - 5 galleries
- The Quirky Series - 12 galleries
- The Scandal Series - 5 galleries
- The Self-expression Series - 12 galleries
- The Squirrel Series - 15 galleries
- The Unexpected Faces Series - 3 galleries

I am was* a co-administrator of the group Galleries: promote galleries. Could you tell?

* Technically, I still am, but my interest got away from galleries.


Using my photos

Ask me.

Photos of Paul L Dineen (10)

  • CR 38, W of CR 41, Logan County, Colorado, 40°42'8" N 103°11'29" W - PLDL6588-Edit by Paul L Dineen
  • Paul by Paul L Dineen
  • Downtown Longmont by Paul L Dineen
  • me by Paul L Dineen
  • stop right there!   fcccme by Paul L Dineen
  • around.the.net by Paul L Dineen
  • Me, Vermont, early-90's by Paul L Dineen
  • To be followed by "Smug" aftershave, it appears. by Paul L Dineen
  • Dance in the rain? Try playing softball in a tuxedo. by Paul L Dineen
  • Chicago 1985 by Paul L Dineen
  • 1980-1982 Indiana University by Paul L Dineen
  • dark by Paul L Dineen

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