I'd consider myself a historian or preservationist before I would call myself a photographer. I have a compulsion to document the ever changing world we live in. Perhaps it stems from getting older and watching all the things you took for granted get bulldozed and have a Starbucks built on top of them. Every time someone dies you loose a piece of history's puzzle. How can we ever expect to know where we are going it no one remembers where we came from? When I was a child my father was into photography as a hobby and would document the time we spent together and the places we went. What a child considers a silly distraction is the same thing an adult considers a priceless piece of their own history. Photography for me is a lesson in never taking anything for granted and learning to see the world with a new pair of eyes.

In case you are wondering I shoot with Canon equipment. I'm really about half a lens away from having my dream setup minus maybe some lighting stuff.

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  • bfreedaily_112112_johnstonsquare by Patty Boh
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  • Steamtown by Patty Boh
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  • Baltimore Streetcar Museum by Patty Boh

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Pat Gavin
January 2007
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