I really liked the simplicity of the "male and taken." But I guess more is in order.


I am a Catholic Priest, but you guessed that from my little icon. I love being a priest. I can't say that too emphatically. I will always try to be kind as I have an unofficial motto: "the truth is hard enough to live without me being a jerk about it." I am from a large family and I have 23 nieces/nephew. I have largely refrained from posting pictures of them, for the same reasons that many of you keep your family pictures for friends only.


I have long enjoyed photography, and took my first roll of film in 3rd grade. However, it was really when I went digital in Dec 2004 that this hobby took off. I thought I would be a film purist, learning with digital and then taking pictures with film. But I haven't taken a film picture since I opened my D70. The immediate feedback convinced me, and improved my photography.


I enjoy flickr for the fun of just seeing some amazing photos from creative people. If I don't respond to a 'contact' please don't be disheartened as that does not mean that I won't visit you photostream.


Pax et Bonum: This phrase is a trademark greeting of St. Francis of Assisi. I have taken to signing email and flickr posts with this (mostly abbreviating it to simply Pax). It is Latin and is translated in English as Peace and All Good. I never really liked St. Francis until I went to Assisi and discovered that he wasn't the "singing to bluebird saint" that I had expected. St. Francis was radically in love with God.


Ok, I have always liked maps and geograpy:

visited 44 states (88%)




visited 33 countries (14.6%)


Folks, thanks for your visits and comments.... I really do try to visit the photstreams of folks who visit/comment/fave. I just find that I am so far 'behind' as to be unable to ever catch up. I am struggling even keep up with the photostreams of my contacts. Thus I have had to slow down on adding new contacts.


I leave you with this line from the Catholic ordination rite for priesthood: "May God bring to completion the good work he has begun in you."

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