Music journalist in hyperdrive, world traveller, dj, cyclist, artfreak and much more.
I have always taken pictures but kept it mainly for when I was travelling in Asia. Have to upload my archive one of these days. ;)
Recently I got more fanatic. Partly out of frustration: I saw so many good gigs without a photographer at my side. So many times I couldn't publish a proper review because I lacked pictures to go with it.

I mainly write for DJ Broadcast, a website and a good old magazine about dance music and clubculture.
I also work for Kindamuzik and Oor and publised in magazines like Code, Blvd. (1.0) and Bassic Groove.

My focus is (and always has been) on electronic music. But I also love dub, jazz, freakfolk, experimental, disco and boogie. Hell, I even go to gigs with guys that play guitars!
But not that much.
Here's some of my favorite albums:

If you're interested in my other 2.0 thingies like Last.FM and MySpace, find them here.

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Rene Passet
April 2007
Den Haag
Den Haag, Holland
I am:
Male and Taken
All things two point zero.