Passages Malibu is a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center located in beautiful Malibu, California. To learn more about Passages Malibu, please click on one of the social profiles below.

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The founders and staff at Passages believe that every person is capable of healing. If you do not want to be labeled an addict or a broken person with an incurable disease then you have already begun your journey to recovery. Here at Passages we believe that addiction is merely the symptom, not the real problem. The goal is to identify the actual issues causing dependent behavior. From here you can seek to reestablish balance in your life.

Passages Addiction Treatment Center specializes in Individualized Treatment, Personalized Program to heal addictive behavior.

Passages knows that every person is special, and as such our program is designed around each client to address their specific needs. That is why One-on-One treatment is the primary focus. We appreciate individual differences and create a personalized program that facilitates healing at the most fundamental level.

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    frankinT says:

    "The cost of treatment amounts to very little in the big picture; the difference in annual income for one single year between finishing school and failing to complete a degree more than compensates. Even using the most conservative estimates, the economics of addiction create a devastating financial impact for years to come. The cost of treatment often amounts to only a few weeks or months of use when the total impact is calculated."

    July 18th, 2011

Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center
November 2009
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