Halfass gets the job done, too. But someday, we'll think of better excuses.

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Me: Husband, father, technologist, expat, man of good cheer residing in Vienna, Austria.

In order (recent to first): Vienna, Austria; Portland, Oregon; Atlanta, GA; Broomfield, Colorado; Boulder, Colorado; Snowmass Village, Colorado; Aspen, Colorado; Vienna, Austria; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Grand Junction, Colorado (born and raised).

Regarding the photography: I use Flickr primarily as my offsite backup and for social interaction (and to look at your awesome photos). I've yet to take a single picture I'm happy with as "art." Think of my best as pretty good snap shots. Someday, I'll create a good photograph, but until then, enjoy these glimpses into my family and its existence.


Also, I have moved a large portion of my photos into "friend only" status. I'm quite liberal with the "friend" status, so if you want to see them, let me know. I'm just trying to keep certain people's base level of privacy established and not just fling a bazillion pictures out to the public.

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  • Maple & I stroll the Graben by scottpartee
  • Civilized: Real glasses by scottpartee
  • On The longest street in the world (nearly 2000 km) by scottpartee
  • Beer City by scottpartee

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    Jeffrey Guterman says:

    "A man of many talents. His work covers a wide breadth of content and is likely to inspire many people. Thanks for sharing scottpartee!"

    August 2nd, 2008

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    joeditt says:

    "I'm a Viennese. Currently, without a working camera, and tending to evolve into a stay-at-home.

    Scott's Vienna photos complete my visual hometown experience, helping me to keep being familiar with this area, beyond my workplace rides and weekly supermarket travels (on foot, by tram & subway) and occasional extra tours (by nightbus - I'm a night owl). Though he's by far not the only web-user posting views of Austria's capital, before Scott joined flickr I had (and took) better chances to click through other main cities round the globe - and now there are his unique real-life images.

    One day I'll manage to really contribute Vienna pics myself ..."

    August 13th, 2007

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    i am klaus says:

    "OMG I just want to Partee all the time. Hello?"

    August 2nd, 2005

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    The Mav Pav says:

    "He brings the heaviest sausage to your life--really. Crazy good sausages. And then, as Ms. Marshall reminds us: You are changed, and everything.

    Keep that bus on the highway, Pasha."

    April 8th, 2005

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    Michaeeel says:

    "Scottpartee - the only member on flickr whom I know, that can philosophize about coffee in this specific way, be a great contact all along and even connect to your life by simply looking at pictures in your photo-section.

    I can't wait for the first real-life espresso!"

    February 24th, 2005

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