In the search for the best techniques with which to make the highest quality landscape images and prints, I've settled on film. At the end of 2010, I was frustrated with having thousands of images on my hard drive, but rarely printing any of them. When I did try to print them, they were never as good as the ones I'd seen in the professional galleries. I decided I'd rather have just a handful of high-quality images that I could print out at wall-size rather than thousands of small ones I never did anything with.

Thus, the Panoramic Light project was born. I now use one camera exclusively, the Fuji G617. It doesn't zoom, I can't change lenses, it doesn't meter light, and it doesn't use batteries. It's a pain to set up and lug everywhere, but what I do get is the most amazing prints. What started as a quest for just a few images to put on my wall has now led to 60+ images in my collection three years later.

Occasionally, I'll post some DSLR photos when I either haven't gotten my film scanned yet, or for some reason the film didn't work out (got destroyed, lost, etc.). My entire film portfolio is available for viewing at my website where it looks much better than Flickr. I encourage you to go have a look!

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