if you have a question/comment etc please mail me at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com.

I'm an independent author and freelance artist who takes photos for fun and to use in projects. All my photos should be licensed Creative Commons; you can do anything you want with them, including commercial work, so long as you're not just selling the photo itself. Most of the artwork is available too, except commissions which I admit I sometimes forget to label, so if you want to use the art for commercial purposes you might drop me a line. Otherwise, have fun with it all.

I do NOT have model or property releases, and in most cases I probably wouldn't be able to get them (I literally take photos as we're passing random places), so keep that in mind. Depending on your project you may need those.

You may notice that all my photos are in sets and collections. I like to keep them tidy and that way I can find what I am looking for quickly.

You'll also notice some of the titles are mistyped which is caused by two things - 1 - I am lousy at typing in a hurry and 2- I'm also lazy. So I don't always check the spelling on my file names. It happens.

You will also likely notice there are a lot of book covers in my stream. Yes, people pay me for those, and they are not available to use for anything - not that I imagine you'd want to- unless they are labeled Share Alike, which means I used a CC image with a Share A Like license on it. In most cases they're made using stock photos that the author or I licensed. Photo credits are included in the descriptions.

If you feel like following my antics elsewhere, you can catch me at:

website: JoleeneNaylor.com
author blog: JoleeneNaylor.wordpress.com
photo/art blog: ramblingsfromthedarkness.wordpress.com/
facebook: www.facebook.com/joleene.naylor
facebook author page: www.facebook.com/joleenenaylorbooks/


To read sample chapters and more, visit my website!

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Jo Naylor
August 2007
Coin, Iowa
Villisca, Iowa, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Independent Author/freelance artist
Ramblings from the Darkness