Four generations of painting and photography. Seven generations since my forefather helped settle Putney, Vermont.

"Painting enriched by the generosity of photography. These photos are
about the experience of seeing -- but with more than
the eyes. And then sharing -- communiction drives us. Using the heart and my connection with nature to strive to see on several layers."

"The paintings take months (or years) to complete. They contain solitude. They are made of privacy, love, praise for the world's beauty, anguish at the world's pain. My photographs which take only hours to complete add something intangible but necessary into the painting process."

I've made close-up, abstract-but-detailed nature photography a daily commitment since 2003. Learning to see nature in many guises, pulling back the mask of what seems to be real to find the abstract bones of the matter... A vital journey. "

adding in documentation of local artists involved in local cooperation movements -- and product
photography - including postcards and albums for
local and regional musicians.

(Minoltas and Nikons used in reportage. Macro and art projects use only Canon PowerShot2. Analog Olympus and Nikon for fine-art reproductions for artists.)


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August 2006
Contemplative Abstraction - Paintings