Most of these small paintings document the countryside near my home, just north of Lake Ontario. There are hundreds of them....maybe thousands....I've lost count over the years, but at the moment I only have about 250 in my possession. All the rest sold.

They are all small. Why? Because I am quick and impulsive and need to finish things in one sitting. Also, I don't have that much time....I teach art fulltime. It seems pretty important to record what each day looks like, they are all so different. I'd really like there to be some sort of record of my time here.

I have painted much larger works, but I prefer a very intimate scale these days. I like selling the works inexpensively....I like the idea of people looking at them and enjoying them, without having to 'sell the farm' to get one. I sure don't want to die with 100s of paintings in my basement.....another reason why they are small. I could paint 1000s of works and they could all fit in a box!

Every work that I produce is listed on Etsy and I try to make something almost every day. But the days get busy and there is often a lot of schoolwork to do after classes. It all continues.....

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Harry Stooshinoff
October 2008
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