How Flickr works and other photo essays

Did you ever wonder about the "mechanics" of Flickr? Want some ideas on how to improve your photography? Here are some essays that will help:

* Ten things you can do to improve interestingness and increase chances of getting into Explore
* All About Flickr titles, text, tags, and views
* All about Creative Commons
* The scaling issue in digital art
* How Flickr is diffferent than "great" photography
* At a loss for Flickr comments? Here's a catalog
* Five key decisions in photography.
* How I make the Christmas light paintings.
* www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/3084967790/in/set-721576... on how to improve your photography.
* The Impassioned Eye, Henri Cartier-Besson.
* You can't always get what you give: A study of Flickr award groups
* The skills of enthusiastic amateurs
* Open source photography--are you in or out?
* Suspicion, trust, and Flickr
* I'm bokeh, you're bokeh, pure bokeh
* See the World Through My Eyes and Explore the Motel at Wink's Place in the Golden Garden of Karma because L'amicizia fa la differenza! (or, Flickr the Soap Opera)
* Why is one of my photos more Interesting than the other?
* Photography versus video
* Flickr life
* Live photography
* All about Flickr contacts
* All about Flickr favorites

About me

I like to experiment and rely on random outcomes. My images are of landscapes; plants, trees, and flora; architecture; toys; macros; abstracts; clouds; family; humor; and urban drive-bys.

I like both digital and film, the very clear and the very fuzzy. I prefer to induce interesting effects in the camera itself, by (e.g.) cross processing, using toy cameras, shooting into the sun or while moving. My most common post-processing would be hitting the "Enhance" button in iPhoto. Other than the LTR shots, most of my shots are just cropped.

My photos are from here: Chandler and the Phoenix metropolitan area, Bisbee, Arizona, Chicago, Los Angeles, Squaw Valley, California, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Amsterdam, and Beijing.

I'm a Professor of Supply Chain Management at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University and also CEO of a small business, Crawdad Technologies, which provides market research software and services. My research interests are in applying complexity science to organizations. My hobbies, besides photos, are music, politics, my family, and my cats.

Using my images

My photos are under Creative Commons license, which means you can use them but you must attribute the photo back to me.


Please use the following:

"Image by Kevin Dooley under Creative Commons license." and then link my name back to the web address of the page the photo is on, e.g. www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/2201791390/


* Digital images from October 2008 to current are with a Canon EOS 40D, using the following lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.4, Canon 70-300mm DO IS, and Sigma 105mm Macro
* Digital images from July 2007 to September 2008 are with a Canon Powershot G7. See my review of the G7 here.
* Lomography cameras:
Diana+, Pinholga pinhole camera, Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim, Fisheye2, and Polaroid
* Trashcams: Suntone, HC2000 (one with vaseline on lens, one with nail polish on lens), Lodak Star 35 EF
* Vintage (for through the viewfinder, or TTV<): 1932 Bergheil Voigtlander, 1936 Kodak 616 Brownie, 1960 Kodak Brownie Starflex, 1985 Polaroid Spectra 2.
* My old shots are either scanned or with an Olympus C4000Z or Minolta XG-M SLR.


* Most Interesting, according to Flickr's Interestingness algorithm
* Images in Explore at one time or another
* Over 1000 and 5000 views

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    Thomas Hawk says:

    "Kevin is one of the prolific powerhouses on Flickr. Constantly coming up with amazing new work and always keeping the quality and artistic bar very high. I love all of his work, but am especially fascinated by his recent work with Google Street View, showing that these days creativity can take so many forms. A wonderful Flickr contributor."

    7th September, 2013

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    *HamimCHOWDHURY* [Only Posting photos ] says:

    "Kevin was my contact for couple of days , I was lazy on viewing his stream in depth and write a testimonial for him, Sorry My friend !!Hope you do not :(

    If you are a newbie in flickr and did not add Kevin, you miss a lot, If you are Old in Flickr still have lack of knowledge abt Flickering, you better add him and learn abt Flickr,

    He is cool in research work, Wonderful helping person in a web relation,
    I always found him coming to my stream after a long gap and when he come he really notice me through his comments,
    He make Good Photograph and work close to his contacts,
    I wish all the best of Luck ,

    Hamim CHOWDHURY"

    11th December, 2011

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    buddhagirlAZ says:

    "unlike most of his testimonials i am new to kevin's work and flicker, but on first view of his photo's i went directly to his profile to learn more...he is definately an innate teacher. another outstanding quality unlike most contacts is that he takes the time and thought to peruse others works...the most impressive quality is his play/love/fun of photography! i love people who do not take themselves so seriously and are always looking to find avenues of awareness thru creation. thanks for sharing and more importantly thanks for caring!"

    24th January, 2010

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    brendan ó sé says:

    "I've been a contact of Kevin for a while now, but only tonight did I come to check out his profile page (i see his great photographs all the time).
    I think this page is a must see for anyone interested in photography and interested in understanding how Flickr works.
    The essays are fantastically informative and helpful.

    Kevin is a great contact and I can say that I have learnt a lot from viewing his work. It is always fresh and fun.

    Keep it coming Kevin!"

    21st November, 2009

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    MoBuc says:

    "I'm ecstatic about Kevin Dooley's work in Photo Art. While many master the photographic sciences (cameras, lens, filters, effects, processes, methodology, etc) and often use the same subjects, Kevin's work places him among the fewer- those who understand the ART of Photography!

    Kevin's work is a Photo Art of human kind and our place in all that exists. His Photo Art speaks of: beauty & decadence, laughter & focused thought, fond memories & things yet to be, heart breaking follies & humbling natural creations.

    Thank you Kevin- for speaking to my emotions and senses through your Photo Art. You inspire my songwriting passions. -Mo"

    12th September, 2009

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    oybay© says:

    "Inspiration well-defined. Lots of amazing and interesting techniques going on here. Kevin's photostream makes me "ooh" and "ahh". Take some time and explore his portfolio. It's well worth it."

    28th May, 2009

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    gianluca86 says:

    "Kevin is a real source of inspiration. His shots are never banal or boring, you can always find that spark that make you say: "Wow! How can he do this? How can he imagine this?". I'm very happy to have found such a talented photographer and great friend!"

    21st April, 2009

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    Spkennedy3000 - Architectural Photographer says:

    "Kevin has been one of my favorite Flickr members for quite a long time. His stream is really extraordinary for many reasons, but what really strikes me is the sheer restless creativity, experimentation and invention. He is a hard man to keep up with. And yet within the myriad different formats, styles, subjects, cameras, films and digital images there lies a easily discernible quality and consistency of vision that makes his stream such a pleasure to browse.
    Nice one Kevvo, keep it up, please."

    7th May, 2009

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    Eni Turkeshi Imagery says:

    "he's such a special , creative, keen, eye on flickr.love his way of seeing things and his humour as well.and he's such a friendly person i'm so glad i have run across in flickr!"

    9th March, 2009

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    Bob۞Who says:

    "Many testimonials is a testimonial in and of itself. Kevin's diversely varied and expressive photography, insightful discourse, and friendly playful approach are refreshing. Hes an instant favorite flickr contact and he devotes gobs of time to others' Flickr experience. Incredibly, and perhaps best of all when you mix the letters in his name it spells Olive Donkey."

    8th December, 2008

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    Trinimusic2008 - Stay blessed says:

    "Kevin, I thank you for your generosity in taking the time to review photos in my photstream and offer witty comments or constructive tips, as necessary. It is with pleasure that I look at your photostream and see its brilliance. Thank you for helping to mentor a novice, and un-schooled photographer.
    Trinimusic2008 (Judy)"

    15th November, 2008

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    Lady Smirnoff says:

    "The master os 'textures'!
    Kevin has an incredible sense to detect the extraordinary in the ordinary.
    His stream is a continuous flow of inspiration to me!"

    14th November, 2008

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    Anne Strickland says:

    "I have had the pleasure to be Kevin's contact for a year now and over that time, I can certainly say that Kevin has managed to keep my attention with an ever-changing genre of images and photography styles. You never know what Kevin is going to come up with next and that's what makes his photo stream an exciting place to visit. His extraordinary eye presents such ordinary things as the contents of his spice cabinet to us in a unique way that make us want to come back again and again to see where he will take us next. Thank you, Kevin, for sharing your vision!"

    9th September, 2008

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    "Kevin Dooley ...

    is the REAL DEAL!

    He connects to the world
    from the grand state of Arizona!
    He is a very great man
    and I am glad to have
    him as an amazing contact!

    One day, I have discovered
    a great picture titled:

    "Each war is different,
    Each war is the same"

    Then I've found out that
    the photographer of this
    cool shot is Kevin.

    I absolutely look forward
    to read his comments about
    my shots. I just love the way
    he sees things and expresses

    He has all kinds of shots.

    Abstracts, B&W, Nature shots
    as well as Macros and Flower shots.

    You must check his
    "Most Interesting" set
    You will not be disappointed!

    Wishing all the best
    for the rest of his life!

    Greetings from New York City"

    10th August, 2008

  • view profile

    *melkor* says:

    "Well, I'm not used to write testimonials or somethinh similar but Kevin's ArtWorks deserves more than a word...

    ... I really love Kevin's Works... when I take a deep look at his photostream I always find something different, something special... something unique!

    Kevin is a very creative mind and his HartWorks reflects a personal reserce in colours, lights and forms...

    ... Go On, Kevin... keeping astonishing us!


    1st August, 2008

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    ~lala~(Lisa) says:

    "Kevin has a refreshing perspective to photography...he takes his experiments to new levels and produces wonderful imagery as a result. From nature to urban environment...you will find a wonderful palette of photos from him...A great flickr friend...always kind and considerate...and we often see his witty personality spring forth in his descriptions! Always guaranteed a smile when visiting his stream...Thank you, Kevin for sharing the world with us through your lens!! =)"

    26th July, 2008

  • view profile

    kovacsi says:

    "Witty, inspirational approach to macro photography and minimal pieces are both can be found here. This stream is an eye candy and I always visit with joy and expectation. A stylish, original place on Flickr."

    6th May, 2008

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    ilsebatten (back problems) says:

    "Kevin is the most irritating of flickr friends – not only does he photograph the urban environment with the greatest facility and an unfailingly aesthetic eye, he also takes the most brilliant of macros, surreal images, fantasy pictures and nature shots … and who knows what else he will come up with. In addition he is kind and helpful, funny and a great flickr friend. What is one to do about him?!"

    9th April, 2008

  • view profile

    everett taasevigen says:

    "the real thing"

    20th January, 2008

  • view profile

    Shine On-Shine On says:

    "Kevin is a very intelligent man. He has a very creative mind & it shows in his artwork! He cares for his family very much and I am honored to call him a friend!!! Cree Ann"

    1st December, 2007

  • view profile

    vulkan75 says:

    "I get quite a view contacts daily on flickr and I look at everyoes streams,I sometimes dont get chance to comment on them all.Every now and then when you click on the "see their Photos button" you come across a gem.

    kevin is one of those.He has a great eye for a photoa nd has a nack of making the ordinary ,extraordinary.Hes extremely generous with his comments and favs and which always seem genuine and not for the sake of it.
    This makes him a valuable member of the flickr community and if he adds you as a contact, be glad....you are privillaged to have such a flickr friend.

    keep up the inspiring work kev"

    1st December, 2007

  • view profile

    SJKen says:

    "After viewing Kevin's all photoworks, I am very impressed about his photoshooting coverage & outstanding performance both at width & depth, sense & sensibility. From the nature, architecture scenery to the experimental abstract works , from the minor texture of a leave to the cloudscape in the sky, you can find his excellent management ability.

    And beside of the professionalism he demonstrated at the artworks, one thing touched my heart is his love towards to his family & friends, which proved Kevin is a man full of love. And maybe the secret why he can create such amazing photoworks. If you are the one who just visit his photostream, don't hestiate, just click and look, you will find a wonderful world mixed with artistic & statistics."

    7th November, 2007

  • view profile

    *setsuna says:

    "He makes wondeful colours,great captures.I can see the world through his photos.I love this!!"

    3rd November, 2007

  • view profile

    rosemarievictoria_artwork says:

    " i am speechless ... people says so ... you are great.. all your works are great.... i love them all! ...salute!..keep up the good job, and thanks too..i have to learn more...smiles"

    15th August, 2007

Kevin Dooley
February 2007
Chicago, IL
Chander, AZ, USA
I am:
Male and Taken