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I am a happily retired guy living in North Orange County, California, USA.

My new camera is an Olympus Stylus 850 SW. My old camera is a Kodak EasyShare DX7630. If I had any talent at taking pictures at all, I'd buy a better camera. : )

Sometimes I write poetry and philosophical bits and you can find some of it on my blog (see link to the right).

Just an FYI: I don't have 'hidden' or 'private' photos so making me your friend in the hopes I will reciprocate and make you my friend just in order to see 'hidden' or 'private' photos is a waste of time. What you see NOW is what you get regardless of our connection.

I am more than happy to turn on my web cam if we chat, but I do NOT do cam sex. I will glady add you to my MSN Messenger as a buddy if we have enjoyed chatting with each other a few times and have things in common. I probably won't respond to people who do not have a REAL photostream and filled-out profile.

GENERAL INTERESTS: Video games, board games, DnD, RPG, Science Fiction, Fantasy, British Comedy, reading, cats, animals, photography, Disneyland, Spring, Fall, Asian cuisine, Koi ponds, day trips, New Age music, World music, Classical music, Jazz music, chocolate, flowers.

CURRENT PC VIDEO GAMES: Dragon Age, Risen, AION, The Sims 3, Sacred 2 (XBOX), Fable 2 (XBOX), Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Oblivion, The Witcher, King's Bounty: The Legend, Neverwinter Nights 2, Champions Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest, Everquest 2, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Myst Uru, Spore, Civilization IV, Railroads!

BOARD GAMES: Steam, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Dungeon Twister, Power Grid, Mr. Jack, Pillars of the Earth, Taluva, Risk, Tsuro

MUSIC: Paul Schwartz, Nicholas Gunn, Libera, Lesiem, Adiemus, Mark Dwane, The Manhattan Transfer, Giorgia Fumanti, Andrea Bocelli, Ayman, Enya, An-Nee-Mah, Mythos, Magna Canta, David Helpling, Michael Gettel, Neil Diamond, Yanni, Eurythmics, New Age, World, Jazz, Classical

AUTHORS: Roger Zelazny, Terry Pratchett, Philip Jose Farmer, Terry Brooks, Alan Dean Foster, C J Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony, R A Salvatore, Science Fiction, Fantasy

MOVIES: Stardust, Tin Man, MirrorMask, Big Eden, Little Voice, City of Lost Children, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Edward Scissorhands, What Dreams May Come, Bicentennial Man, Big Fish, Sound of Music, Unsinkable Molly Brown, Labyrinth, Mad Mad Mad Mad World, any Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, Batteries Not Included, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Hitchhiker's Guide, X-Men, Star Trek

TV SHOWS: Sanctuary, The Mighty Boosh, Mulberry, The Big Bang Theory, Absolutely Fabulous, Black's Books, Coupling, Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, Little Britain, A Bit of Frye and Laurie, Big Train, Mr. Bean, Kids in the Hall, Catherine Tate, Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served?, Murphy Brown, Third Rock From The Sun, Chef!, Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under, Hercules, Xena, Beauty and the Beast, Golden Girls, Strangers With Candy, Babylon 5, Star Trek

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January 2007
South Bend, Indiana
I am:
Male and Single
When Paranoia is not enough... Dementia!