Ankara University Faculty of science Astronomy Space Sciences Department and Anadolu University Public Administration section student Ozgür Can Onay, founded a group named Reblos in his high school years at Batıkent Kaya Bayazıtoğlu high school and started his musical career. He first got tutored by Gürcan Konanç on note reading and methodology on playing drum. Later in his college years Ozgür Can Oney and his friends founded a cover band formerly called ‘Garnitür’ which then changed name to ’70’lik’ and performed live at several bars. In 1999 he joined the group ‘Deli Gömleği’ and recorded two demos with them and again performed in several bars and university festivals.At the same time he contributed to ANETİT and has taken place in some A.Ü. Faculty of Law Theathre Workshops and composed music for some of the plays. In 2001 he joined maNga. The band moved and settled at istanbul in 2004 and started to work on their first album debut. In December they released their first album and they achieved huge success with this album that was eventually rewarded with a gold record. In the meantime Özgür Can Öney took lessons from Okan Duman and Cengiz Baysal,and kept him self improving while touring with maNga and locally performing at more than 50 provinces and performed approximately around 300 gigs in six countries abroad. Özgür Can Öney still continues to make music with its groups maNga. In 2009 the group was rewarded by MTV European Music Awards as ’Best European Act’ and got second place at Eurovision in 2010.

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