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Quick links to travel reportages (press trips) as slideshows:
Balikesir region, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey
Nyons, Valence and region, Drôme, France
Toulouse and area, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Umea, Lapland, Sweden
St-Martin de Belleville, France

Frames: Most of the images in my stream now have white frames, because I don't like the way flickr squashes them all together. Everything I post is a low-res version.

Groups: I have developed an allergy to blinky-flashies, and would ask you not to paste them in comments on my photos (and I will reciprocate). Please note that I do not respond to attempts at self-promotion and will delete them.

Followers: I always look at your profiles and streams and will follow you too, unless your stream is full of overwrought hdr, heavy vignetting or body parts you wouldn't normally show your grandmother. Or lots of close-ups of spiders.

Bloggers: I'm always pleased and flattered to discover my photos used on blogs and websites. I'd be even more pleased if the people who used them asked my permission first! If I discover one of my pics on a blog I will add a tag:"blogged by xxxx"

Purchase: The photos in my flickr stream are in low resolution and not suitable for printing. If you want to buy a high-res photo please send me a private message with all details of publication. I require full credit. My photos can also be purchased through Getty Images.

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On bookcrossing I am hyphenated: over-the-moon; on LibraryThing and Ravelry, overthemoon. I don't mind if people shorten it to OTM (or otm).
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I am now also on instagram under the name "downweaselway" which is a rough translation of the street I look down upon from the window next to my computer. In principle, I only post photos of my local surroundings there.

A quote:
"The ultimate source of pleasure derivable from all art is that it brings you into communication with the artist. What you really love in the picture or the poem is the painter or the poet whom it brings into sympathy with you across the gulf of time. He tells you what are the thoughts which some fragment of natural scenery, or some incident of human life, excited in a mind greatly wise and more perceptive than your own." Leslie Stephen, "Sir Walter Scott" (1874).
I think this applies also to photography, and goes to explain why I feel such affinity with and affection for all my flickr friends. Through your pictures and comments you give me a glimpse of your soul.

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    @petra says:

    "Dear Barbara.
    Today I realized that such a long time has gone by and that I never wrote a Testimonial to you. I wondered why, because it has always been such a great pleasure to see your beautiful world which you share with us, through your lovely and story-telling images. I missed it somehow, but it is never too late and today I am here, to let you know that it has been great to have you around and that I enjoy your way of seeing things, picturing them in a very special way.
    So much of you is shown in your beautiful work and I really like what I see.
    Thank you for every word...all along...
    Your brazilian flickrfriend,

    October 4th, 2014

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    helenabraga says:

    "I have a great respect for a friend on Flickr. She is a great friend, a real lady. This one is Barbara, who surprises me each new day with interesting works about cities, people and the things of the everyday life. Barbara is a travel editor and her comments are rich, respectful and clever. She is an intelligent woman, has a great eye for unusual images, she's a sweet person. She brings her hometown for us, she brings bright into our days, takes us to her office, tells us about her work. She shows the life and beauty of her country. When she travels, she shares her discoveries.
    Barbara is an excellent photographer and a very good person.
    My love for you, Barbara.

    March 6th, 2012

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    finicky current says:

    "I am amazed time and time again by Barb's fantastic eye for photo's. She has a wide array of interesting subjects that are all executed very well. What a pleasure it has been to share in your photostream. I enjoy all of your posts!

    February 18th, 2007

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    skeeterbess says:

    "Exquisite photos! Wonderful color, compostion and use of lighting! I've only just started exploring your pages, but will be back many times to drink it all in. Bravo!"

    July 12th, 2006

January 2006
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freelance photographer, translator, editor, typesetter, publisher