Chris Sgaraglino, a wildlife and nature photographer has been capturing images since getting his first camera body in 2000, specializing in his exquisite work in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. He is noted for his creativity in the field; not only in composition and lighting, but also in his use of equipment, blinds, and knowledge of animal behavior.


"My photography has come from my love of the great outdoors and exploring Colorado [and other mountain ranges] with my horses. I have been photographing the outdoors since 2000 with Film and converted to Digital in 2005. I feel that bringing God's creations to light is one way I can repay Him for allowing me the pleasure to get into country that most cannot."


Chris' passion for wildlife is life-long. For more than four decades he has been exploring the Great Outdoors from Coast-to-Coast by hiking, biking, rafting, and on horseback. The conditions under which Chris works are often daunting: he climbs 4 to 5000 feet into the Colorado Wilderness where few men travel and even fewer photograph these endangered and protected lands. He treks for miles through the rugged forest to photograph herds of Rocky Mountain Elk and Big Horn Sheep. He'll spend days in a blind to photograph these majestic creatures. Chris does not view such circumstances as a hardship, being up close to wildlife in its natural environment is what he loves. Along with his son & wife, his images and the possibility of inspiring people to care about horses, hunting, wildlife and the protecting of the land are what matter to him most.


"I hope that my view of life outdoors will inspire you and your children to get outdoors and enjoy what God has blessed us with!"


Chris Sgaraglino

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