Photography on top of Los Angeles

I’m an amateur photographer that likes to dabble in different types of subjects. I’m constantly trying to improve my craft with each photo I take, trying out new techniques. I love trying my hand at photographing skylines and scenery, still life, and especially people. With people, some of my pictures are vanilla, while others are erotic or of an adult nature.

I also do not discriminate with said people. Everyone deserves to have a decent picture taken of them, no matter what creed, color, or lifestyle they chose. I'm an equal-opportunity photographer, and I prove it with my extensive photos of transgendered individuals. SO...if you see an image that offends you, or are against your “beliefs”, kindly move on. I WILL moderate comments on my work; I will NOT allow anything derogatory to be said about my subjects, and I will delete such comments (and block the people who post them).

To please the Flickr gods, a few of the more "risque" pictures are marked "restricted". Since nudity may pop up, this is the safe thing to do.

Due to the fact that many folks want to add one's photos as favorites without sharing a few of their own, I will check EVERY PROFILE that adds me as a contact or favors/comments any of my photos. If you have a profile without any pictures - especially those of your own, or a profile with nothing but pictures of genitals and such, I WILL BLOCK YOU.

Finally, PLEASE be gentle with your critique of my work. As stated, I'm an amateur, and I'm trying little by little to cut my teeth in the world of photography.

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February 2009
Los Angeles, CA
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