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    Kendall Core says:

    "you create such beautiful and inspiring art."

    5th October, 2009

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    disposable photography says:

    "what gaia said"

    27th July, 2008

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    Gaia Art says:

    "artistic genius"

    10th May, 2008

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    dogcatprovision says:

    "When i first met the big 'T" , he was putting quarters on the train tracks, claiming he could turn them into loonies to use at the local vending machine. Egg sandwich's was his thing, 3 or 4 a day. Plus a cola or maybe something diet too . Troy seemed to like that. He called it the good life. Behind that old rail structure, no one came a botherin'. The big "T" was what he himself prefered to be called, and practically forced some of the young folk to start calling him that . Well as it turned out , that abandonded train yard he was loitering around was really an old relic left in someones backyard. Troy was way too juiced up on his homemade hooch to make heads or tails of the situation. After loosing a half sandwich that had gotten stuck on the side of his face, he was lucky i came along when i did, cleaned the eggs off his face, and stuck him on the first bus to montreal. Let those people deal with him estie tabarbac"

    21st November, 2006

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    Dennis Hayes IV says:

    "This guy is great fun. extremely talented and knows a thing or two about trains. hamtramck a cherished memory my friend looking forward to the next time."

    27th June, 2006

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    jonas pekan says:

    "J'ai vu troy dans le premier épisode de la série s'élancer vers une jeune proie en quête d'amour et de désespoir. Il s'est écorché la joue sur son sein. A frolé son entre-jambe et est disparu dans la nuit. flottant à travers les vagues de métaux rouillés abandonnés fouillés d'hécatombes ."

    26th April, 2005

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